I'm just a person learning how to people. The things that I want keep creeping away, life is so evil. The truth, what that is; let it be told. A real description of the undead untold. We fear ourselves on this great big earth. With guns and tongues we slay our own berth. Where is... Continue Reading →


Craving for some Steak and Fries!

I realized a few days ago that when it comes to cooking or any other activity that requires me to work in the house, there is always a stumbling block that gets in the way of completing the task. That stumbling block is laziness. I won't lie, I am lazy as fudge. Like sometimes I... Continue Reading →


So last week I had a chill-night with thisย girl I met on Tinder. Yes, the dating slash shagging slash pitiful site for weird people who can't seem to hold a stable relationship with anyone they meet. I won't go too much into detail about this girl but, all I can say is that she was... Continue Reading →

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Your skin is beautiful like walnut wood and soil, and western cornflower with dark maple syrup in brown jars. Your hair is long, thin and black. When in the sun, it reflects powerful rays that illuminate the world. His skin is rough and tough, her skin is smooth and soft. They jump around together like... Continue Reading →

Being broke got me Woke

I don't want to be at this level no more. Always wondering how life got your pockets breaking like they seem to be deep fried or where your destiny would take you when all you want is to grab it by the balls and tell it, "hey,ย you taking a short-left here fam". Something that I... Continue Reading →


This is my song to the Neverland. A place were dreams and nightmares share the same diet plan. A little goes to black people, I guess we all just dumb fans. It's easy to judge from a place of love but, man that's kinda rough. Love is a luxury when you part of the minority,... Continue Reading →


Snippet 1 A winter's night drew closer beyond the horizon. Odle had never experienced such a forceful climatic shift before. With him it was something of a mismatch comparing the hot summers and mild winters of his childhood days in Old Tucson. He was half way across the world from where he called home and... Continue Reading →


Ever looked up to the sky and wondered what's up there? Of course I know there's a lot of stars and planets, and that moon and his buddy the sun. But, like have you ever asked yourself the questions that you and I could never answer about our special universe? Then unrelentlessly, your conscious sometimes... Continue Reading →


As far as I'm concerned, where I'm from we don't have no voice. Too many of us people running scared of the big three-O like it's an oppressive cult. Take time and embrace your beautiful soul, this is my ode. We all defenseless. I expect more from my true hard-knock rappers and self-proclaimed lyricists. Some... Continue Reading →

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