She moved faster than the wind with those skates Don’t die in debt while doing things you never wanted to do Too afraid to peak over your wall in fear of the real you you might see I’m afraid of finding too much and too little; do I even exist; see I’m gone! How... Continue Reading →


Winter and summer, love and splendor.Wishes come they settle forever.Through thick and thin...Her love is gold, pure within!Chasing days now fills my day.I try so hard to find a new way.My conscious speaks of how I constantly miss - Missing you has me missing your bliss!I find myself on an island with no twitter...Tweeting and chatting;... Continue Reading →


The silence around the neighborhood is louder than usualWe've been locked down and now we open-up; it's important and crucialSo steady your heart and listen; it gives: Almost none of us commit suicide and almost all of us self-destruct in some way In some part of our livesWe get carried away by rhythm and sway... Continue Reading →

A cold Corona

Death is not the end to me Lost conviction is the end; this advice is for free Gargantuan idioms We fabricate intelligence But big words mean nothing; they make us irrelevant Evil life, it takes from us Nothing says more It just wants all from us And yet I sit counting my pieces Broken from... Continue Reading →

Conversations: A Code of Friendship

Maeve and Azumi have been living together in a beautiful uptown loft for almost four years. They've been close friends ever since they met each other at a party in their early university years. Both now almost entering their 30s, some drastic changes would soon be put into motion. Other commitments in their lives were... Continue Reading →


Tempest blue mountains bleeding love for our generation The cosmos have spoken; take your choices to a deeper consideration Stay patient, not in stasis Stay woke, not in crisis Never despair when she hit the drop The point is leveling the flock before we take stock Before you reach for that glock Just think about... Continue Reading →

Walking Hands

The longer you live the more mistakes you make and eventually, if you're not careful they catch up with you. I wish the younger me from a few hours ago had an epiphany of this nature. Life has a way of sucking out all the joy from you and at what cost? Your happiness? Happiness... Continue Reading →

Deadly Sleeps

Rolling around in a deep deep sleep... Tempted to touch I feel a wicked cold streak, Down my spine I shutter with fear! Am I awake, I hear a beast in my ear. Tossing and turning; I yelp! Frantically panting for breath; I scream for help. Sweating like a mule. I suddenly feel like a... Continue Reading →

Who are you

Our lips are thick, our noses broad, Our hair is nappy; we are black. And we are beautiful. We are tall, We are large and broad. Our feet stamp with authority that sets us apart. We are dark and we are light. I am within this mighty tribe; A sleeping beast with what they think... Continue Reading →

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