Look at us; we fool. And yet, we push and we pull. Hate loves to hate. And the world sure knows how that tastes. Forgotten memories we used to share. They all burning somewhere in the atmosphere. Hearts and knots. All stuffed up in a box. Hence this pain. It will never have any gain.... Continue Reading →


Déjà vu

You ever had that déjà vu feeling? Like you wake up one morning and you stare into the mirror, straight through your face; you wonder. Or you sitting at work and suddenly your reflection pierces back at you; you wonder. Glaring for a few minutes that make your body feel like its's been hours. You're numb.... Continue Reading →


B    O    N    Z    U    R   I've always wanted to go to Mauritius. It's name alone is so inviting and rolls off the tongue like delicious ice-cream. Excuse my bad language. A little birdie told me that Mauritius is 'the' paradise and nowhere else stands against it. So me being... Continue Reading →

The 100

I wonder how you get to measure an achievement. Or whether your opinion of an achievement is actually considered as an achievement to someone else. Well, today it really isn't about anyone else, or me for that matter. Today is for the readers, the followers and the new blog-mates I made from all over the... Continue Reading →

It is done

The events that have occurred in Zimbabwe have been almost unnatural and yet, settling with historical is an understatement. His Excellency, the former president of Zimbabwe; Robert Gabriel Mugabe, who I am now proud to say, has finally decided to resign after 37 years at the helm. It was unprecedented to say the least. We... Continue Reading →

Au revoir

I've never faced such a nerve-racking crave. A desire I couldn't out-win as it wedged me in-between the face of a place. I can't keep up with it's pace. I hate that. I hate how I fumble at the prospect of better prospects. At a time like this, who would judge me for losing focus?... Continue Reading →

Grill Peppers, Minced Pita & Feta

Attempted some grilling the other day that pretty much impressed my tastebuds. I could do a little dance just thinking about it. Despite the constant nagging from my friends, hounding me for my 'actual' address, I didn't give in. Mitches! Okay, so this is the rundown on the type of meat you will need: the... Continue Reading →

The Way to Let Go

I found a way to let go... Been wondering if I should make this post spiritual or plain hardcore. The thoughts are like a war; into your head then out, getting stuck in the bed with a frown. I'm tired of walking cause walking makes me think, tired of thinking cause that makes me speak.... Continue Reading →

That Girl

The Ladybug and the Rhino She talked to God daily and that's what made her lovely. As I sit here trying to recapture the events of 2011 in Hatfield, Pretoria, I can't help but, fight the feelings I have now almost 7 years later. Such feelings range from disbelief to relief coupled with the nervy twitch... Continue Reading →

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