It's a pity what we do in verse, the lives we live. What does man gain from corruption and pain? Toxic it is, yet watch them let it weave, let it weave. Is it money or fame; even in their old age, they will never change but gain. All we ask is yet but a... Continue Reading →


I am I am

I AM I AM I am what I am. In a world filled with hate and greed, I am what I am. To strangers about in the street, I am what I am. To the thieves robbing my neighbors right now, I am what I am. For those who don't know who they are, look... Continue Reading →

My Love

She was tall. The thought of sharing an embrace always got me into a frenzy and all. Tippy-toed I'd reach. Towards a kiss beyond the peak. I loved her sweet intangible sounds. Her voice that coaxed in leaps and bounds. She was like a sonnet, written so beautifully. Something I indulged in speaking truthfully. Curves... Continue Reading →

Flushing August Away

There were so many things I wanted to do in August. Realigning myself whenever the world continues to change is a challenge that cruelly blotted those many things. And now that these funny weathered remaining days of August are slowly coming to an end, I resentfully look back to what I conclude to be another... Continue Reading →


  When an average Englishman has a BBQ he usually makes a mess of it ~ unless he’s roasting a whole animal on a spit. (I can’t even spell barbecue without looking it up.). However, I know the rest of the English-speaking world likes to have a BBQ, so here are some ‘cool’ recipes for... Continue Reading →


vAR Three ships led by one captain set sail to find the ends of the beginning of the world. A promise of redemption allured by the thoughts of a future filled with an abundance of wealth; the colony didn't want to be poor anymore. And there stepped forth three ships to conquer the next four long... Continue Reading →


Here's to the things I never did. To things I never was; I did you and I did us. A little bit of both and they called us fake love. Trauma was our friend cause we laid addicted to life's fake stuff. But truth be told, this life was getting frail and old. How we... Continue Reading →

My Month in Games

  My Month in Games is exactly what you think it is. A monthly look back at the games I’ve played that month and what I think of them.  It's been a while since I was on that gaming tip. Been slacking these past few days; God forgive me for my absence! Anyways, I'd like... Continue Reading →

Food on Friday ~ Mediterranean

Some say that a Mediterranean diet is good for you.  And, that if you eat a mostly Mediterranean diet you’ll be healthier and live longer.  All I know is that you should always have a really good extra virgin olive oil. gioia     di     vivere There's something about Mediterranean food that looks as good... Continue Reading →

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