Scarlet Lettered Heart

I write this knowing it will reach you in good time I wondered if it could be a story or a poem I sat in my cold room mixing and matching words Trying to get to the point where I could say I love you Say it in a way you haven't seen Say it... Continue Reading →


My mind woke up in a fit the other night. The days had been long and monotone as most weekends were. I wondered about the images that flashed in my sleep as I took the short walk to the kitchen. It was dark and with each step I almost felt like I’d lose my footing... Continue Reading →

Blood Rush: Tendi & Farai

Hands shaking dripping with blood, heart racing, heavy perspiration; his breathing was uneasy and he could almost choke on his own thoughts: What had he done? A lifeless body lay in the middle of the room; it was trashed and it would be obvious that a scuffle had ensued. In a state of panic, Tendi... Continue Reading →

Boxed In

It was the middle of winter: howling winds coupled with a heavy inclement of blustery cold and frigid arctic snow was all they had. For weeks without an end the air did nothing but, threaten any chance of warmth within the colony. Reserves were low and consumption had to be reduced to make it through... Continue Reading →

That Morning

The overwhelmingly dense aromatics rushed through his nostrils. Tears would soon follow. He never liked chopping onions; he did enjoy eating them though. His hands were rather large and maneuvering a slippery oval-like vegetable tested his balance and coordination. This is a sharp knife and a rebellious vegetable we’re talking about here. He liked his omelette... Continue Reading →

Conversations: Heads against the wall

Rudi na Katawa had been at each other's throats for the better part of 3 weeks now. It was about to reach boiling point and Rudi knew he would have to pull something out of his arse if he wanted to keep his soon to be wife and girlfriend of 7 years. Katawa was a... Continue Reading →

A letter to the King

I write this letter to you my King... I hope these words can gain your presence once again. Things have not been as smooth since we last shared a table. I feel the pain you have recently endured. You have struggled just as much as I have or even more. I write to ease the... Continue Reading →


The early sun was warm on my bare neck. Piercing through the yellow linen curtain, it made the room appear dystopian like. A cactus sat idly on the floor, casting shadows over the wood and more. I could tell that it was time to go back; the day was almost up or had it just... Continue Reading →


Is complexity a necessity? Is triviality a washed down act of brutality? Are these questions dependent on the circumstantial dynamics? Can these dynamics be stretched? Can the world bend to our will through a needle and a thread? Can we tread so hard and watch the ice melt our hearts? That's the effect. We scream... Continue Reading →


What is love? A question I've asked myself. Over and over, I wonder and ponder. Where do these feelings come from; this feeling of intense plunger. Gross mentality can assume that it came from God. It's odd. What breaks you can make you. Love can make anew. At times it hurts to the core. Hearing... Continue Reading →

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