A part of me isn't sure what comes out of this particular post. I thought I'd wake up and put a few words down. I thought I'd catch the early morning whilst its dewy tears were still shining. Alas, another broken record becomes a struggle for a connection. Chasing the moon and the stars... Maybe... Continue Reading →


I’ve always wondered how the world would cope with a prolonged break from itself. 😏 Imagine you’ve been struggling with your emotionally abusive spouse and your inner self needs some space from the drama... Then the world spits out a virus that almost puts us all to the sword. 💀  However, my time at home has... Continue Reading →


Breathe I never thought it would be like this I'm still falling out of your arms Straight into the abyss Used to give contorted smiles Bright as the stars I haven't seen light in a while Why can't I breathe? It hasn't been bright in a while Breathe From marksmen doing God's work in a... Continue Reading →

Blood Rush: Tendi & Farai

Hands shaking dripping with blood, heart racing, heavy perspiration; his breathing was uneasy and he could almost choke on his own thoughts: What had he done? A lifeless body lay in the middle of the room; it was trashed and it would be obvious that a scuffle had ensued. In a state of panic, Tendi... Continue Reading →

Deadly Sleeps

Rolling around in a deep deep sleep... Tempted to touch I feel a wicked cold streak, Down my spine I shutter with fear! Am I awake, I hear a beast in my ear. Tossing and turning; I yelp! Frantically panting for breath; I scream for help. Sweating like a mule. I suddenly feel like a... Continue Reading →

Who are you

Our lips are thick, our noses broad, Our hair is nappy; we are black. And we are beautiful. We are tall, We are large and broad. Our feet stamp with authority that sets us apart. We are dark and we are light. I am within this mighty tribe; A sleeping beast with what they think... Continue Reading →

Blood Scented Flower

I’ve been swerving of late. Strained my back recently and I’ve never felt a bodily pain this bad before. And to put your racing minds at ease, I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary; not even hanky-panky – I’m content with not seeing much of that either. I think this is when you’ve gone... Continue Reading →


Someone I know recently graduated. One friend just completed a second degree. On the other side of the world a couple just got married, a good friend got a promotion and I’m truly happy for them. Am I? Others are making music; I’ve always wanted to delve into the deep bowels of this artistry! I... Continue Reading →

I’m Not Done Yet

Last time I started a blog I went a full year without updating it...😬 Back then my excuse was 'school'. 🤷🏾‍♂️ But, this time around, I shall not let procrastination be the demise of my young WordPress blog! 🤓 Alas, Zimbabwe has a way of pulling you in places you didn't know had the ability... Continue Reading →


"When you find yourself missing me, remember when you had me and I wasn't enough for you..." I feel so strongly about this. In the past few days I've questioned my taste in women. Maybe it's just bad luck or it's me trying too hard. Whatever the case my be, I feel like I need... Continue Reading →

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