Be with us

If peace is with us, then peace be with us. I fear us. I fear the pain that could turn us. Turn ourselves from ourselves. Turn us inside out. Turn is into something else. All this tech got us by the belt. All this material wealth got us greedy on a daily. Cause corruption shows... Continue Reading →


This is my song to the Neverland. A place were dreams and nightmares share the same diet plan. A little goes to black people, I guess we all just dumb fans. It's easy to judge from a place of love but, man that's kinda rough. Love is a luxury when you part of the minority,... Continue Reading →

Addictive Adolescence

What's the best place between night and day? Where the noon meets the moon for better, brighter ways. Its that living, dreaming for a better vision. But the consequences got your life overspending. And you know we just thrilling, better yet we be chilling, groupie living, dreaming for better vision.   I can't sleep at... Continue Reading →

What My Colleague is Thinking About

Time changes, new faces Old best friends, new strangers. New watch just to keep up with the paces. New game plan, off to new places I got a feeling I can win this race I've found my pace. The only thing that you can do for me is please stay out my way. No come... Continue Reading →

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