Be with us

If peace is with us, then peace be with us. I fear us. I fear the pain that could turn us. Turn ourselves from ourselves. Turn us inside out. Turn is into something else. All this tech got us by the belt. All this material wealth got us greedy on a daily. Cause corruption shows... Continue Reading →

Just Poetry

Days like these seem to pass with ease. Plenty of beauty to see, but the pain is what sets us free. Time likes to stand still, like our frozen lives in our favorite selfie still. Precious moments; we all hit or miss. This is nothing but, a foul jab with bliss. Wait till life knocks... Continue Reading →

Being broke got me Woke

I don't want to be at this level no more. Always wondering how life got your pockets breaking like they seem to be deep fried or where your destiny would take you when all you want is to grab it by the balls and tell it, "hey, you taking a short-left here fam". Something that I... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Wisdom

Happiness is being halfway through the week. It's such an honour to be part of the Millionaire's Digest Contribution Team. Hopefully this post shows up on their blog eventually but, because of their growing numbers it will take some time. So I have decided to post the article I prepared on my blog. And to... Continue Reading →

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