Be with us

If peace is with us, then peace be with us. I fear us. I fear the pain that could turn us. Turn ourselves from ourselves. Turn us inside out. Turn is into something else. All this tech got us by the belt. All this material wealth got us greedy on a daily. Cause corruption shows... Continue Reading →


The early sun was warm on my bare neck. Piercing through the yellow linen curtain, it made the room appear dystopian like. A cactus sat idly on the floor, casting shadows over the wood and more. I could tell that it was time to go back; the day was almost up or had it just... Continue Reading →

Love Yours

I wrote this verse in this withering heat. I statused my WhatsAppers asking how to write a book with no ink. With no surprise I didn't get a peep. It's kinda funny how a friend turns to a creep. It's even funnier how this is a love thing. So read closely; these words will make... Continue Reading →


The wasteland of anticipation. It brings me to deeper thoughts about my restless nation. Filled with hunger, pain and relentless provocation. What did we do to get this far? And who did we pinch to get disbarred? Quote on quote. Diabolical bond notes left in my vault. We, the sons and daughters of this beautiful... Continue Reading →


I'm just a person learning how to people. The things that I want keep creeping away, life is so evil. The truth, what that is; let it be told. A real description of the undead untold. We fear ourselves on this great big earth. With guns and tongues we slay our own berth. Where is... Continue Reading →


This is my song to the Neverland. A place were dreams and nightmares share the same diet plan. A little goes to black people, I guess we all just dumb fans. It's easy to judge from a place of love but, man that's kinda rough. Love is a luxury when you part of the minority,... Continue Reading →

Addictive Adolescence

What's the best place between night and day? Where the noon meets the moon for better, brighter ways. Its that living, dreaming for a better vision. But the consequences got your life overspending. And you know we just thrilling, better yet we be chilling, groupie living, dreaming for better vision.   I can't sleep at... Continue Reading →

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