What do you see?

What do you see? Truth or deceit? Don't just frown and take a peep. I said, what do you see? A female or a lady? A woman or just your gravy? Look into my eyes and tell me what do you see? They say the eye is the beholder. Behold your gaze upon me, let... Continue Reading →

I am I am

I AM I AM I am what I am. In a world filled with hate and greed, I am what I am. To strangers about in the street, I am what I am. To the thieves robbing my neighbors right now, I am what I am. For those who don't know who they are, look... Continue Reading →

Conversations with my Femininity#Preamble — justifiedecstasy

  Hey there lovely people, Thank you for sending sunshine here on Justified Ecstasy. A short series on Conversations with my femininity is my new little big project, so here’s a preamble to bring us up to speed. A popular saying; ‘’Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls’’. However, it’s a tragic […] I... Continue Reading →

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