Never knew it would take this long I spent all this time trying to find my way here Life takes kings and mambas Wakanda? What kind of year is this is all I'm seeing on the socials Like imagine for a second how the less off have to sit and wait Imagine how the struggle... Continue Reading →


A part of me isn't sure what comes out of this particular post. I thought I'd wake up and put a few words down. I thought I'd catch the early morning whilst its dewy tears were still shining. Alas, another broken record becomes a struggle for a connection. Chasing the moon and the stars... Maybe... Continue Reading →

100 and Something Days

Imagine the human race agreeing to go in the right direction then the world says, 'no, I'm going to the left'.  What do you do? Do you follow like blind sheep with no shepherd? What do you do when it's been 3 whole months, some one hundred and something days since you've seen a paycheck?... Continue Reading →

Of 29

I woke up today feeling determined Feeling loved by loved ones and nothing specific from the haters Another year is gone And even a pandemic won't put me down Even my mood won't be foul Because it is my birthday It is my special day I will be merry and thank the Lord Another year... Continue Reading →

Scarlet Lettered Heart

I write this knowing it will reach you in good time I wondered if it could be a story or a poem I sat in my cold room mixing and matching words Trying to get to the point where I could say I love you Say it in a way you haven't seen Say it... Continue Reading →


I’ve always wondered how the world would cope with a prolonged break from itself. 😏 Imagine you’ve been struggling with your emotionally abusive spouse and your inner self needs some space from the drama... Then the world spits out a virus that almost puts us all to the sword. 💀  However, my time at home has... Continue Reading →


Breathe I never thought it would be like this I'm still falling out of your arms Straight into the abyss Used to give contorted smiles Bright as the stars I haven't seen light in a while Why can't I breathe? It hasn't been bright in a while Breathe From marksmen doing God's work in a... Continue Reading →


She moved faster than the wind with those skates Don’t die in debt while doing things you never wanted to do Too afraid to peak over your wall in fear of the real you you might see I’m afraid of finding too much and too little; do I even exist; see me...now I’m gone! How... Continue Reading →


Winter and summer, love and splendor.Wishes come they settle forever.Through thick and thin...Her love is gold, pure within!Chasing days now fills my day.I try so hard to find a new way.My conscious speaks of how I constantly miss - Missing you has me missing your bliss!I find myself on an island with no twitter...Tweeting and chatting;... Continue Reading →


The silence around the neighborhood is louder than usualWe've been locked down and now we open-up; it's important and crucialSo steady your heart and listen; it gives: Almost none of us commit suicide and almost all of us self-destruct in some way In some part of our livesWe get carried away by rhythm and sway... Continue Reading →

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