Journalist, Blogger, Musician, Photographer and Freelance Writer.

I love the “About” section. It’s a chance for people to say something smart or lie through their teeth whilst trying to be impressive or somewhat seductive. Well, this is my lie: The best things in life are free; take a plunge with me and you will see. One big thing about me is that I love life and I crave for all forms of enjoying it beyond obsession and covfefe.

P.S. those who know me personally will realize that I got all that from my Tinder account.

A few reasons why I decided to start this blog was because I have always wanted to push myself as a writer and as an aspiring journalist. I always wanted to showcase my ideas and opinions about life, music, video-games, love; basically all the things I enjoy. Besides that, I also kept waking up at weird hours of the night over and over again only to realize that I had a hunger and desire to speak, to write and to make beautiful sounds and images. Weird right? Even my name is weird (ThatOtherPetraGuy) but, the world we live in is kinda weird if you really think about it. That really isn’t my real name; I have always felt like an ‘other’ in high school but, thats a story for later.

Fast-forward to today and I found myself on WordPress with a “sort-of” brand new account and just like that, along came UNO…

I have had a turbulent 25 years filled with all sorts of emotions, epiphanies and moments of self-discovery. This blog will and has become my voice and a microphone for my not-so-impressive vocals. I take this writing with the greatest pride plus a pinch of salt and blogging has given me a huge unshakeable platform to transform my passion into more than just a passion or career.

I was born a Zimbabwean; covfefe that!

“Passion is the movement towards a goal driven by the soul, it will not stop and it will not rest until that goal has been reached or surpassed”. – ThatOtherPetraGuy (TopG)

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