Tempest blue mountains bleeding love for our generation

The cosmos have spoken; take your choices to a deeper consideration

Stay patient, not in stasis

Stay woke, not in crisis

Never despair when she hit the drop

The point is leveling the flock before we take stock

Before you reach for that glock

Just think about all the times we held each others hands

I remember those days, we lay, we smoked green hay

Told each other stories of our future past

hoping that it lasts

But we both knew that wasn’t an easy task

It was probably just another quick pass

Morning glory daily motions

I mean emotions

I called you Venolia

sweet like magnolia

Her feelings to my feelings

an urge for all urges

the need for the swerve was too high to miss the curb

but we took it steady

even though we did it hard like Roc and Shay

No world could bring us down, no way

But pound for pound my soul is in a swell

I hope that you could tell

Our connection’s under a deep dark dangerous spell

We can’t break it, we can’t make it well

The truth of the matter is that I can’t fend this

This cup is too big for me to even lift this

Are you gon’ kill it?

Its too late to even think it

so recognize

My allegiance is to my inner self

Preservation of my true wealth




They grip tools like fools like constant crumbling pillars. But, I’m the under dog rising up as a winner. Got to let myself break this shiver. The cold’s ruthless in my country; if you’re stepping out of line we will confront thee…



Photo Credit: Julia Solonina

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