6th Sense

There is a maze in the mind of the monster living in a paradise-desert with devilish evils the human mind can’t comprehend. It is a vast cauldron of corridors filled with ditches and dead-ends intersecting with pathways a thousand miles long and as wide as the eye can see. It is a maze that only the pure of heart can walk, a tight rope that makes your insides blow hot and cold; an enigma…picture it!

The air is chilled in this world. Its purposely in this form and yet no-one knows why. Its origin is unknown yet, it is powerful and all knowing. It knows your current anticipation, it knows your mixed emotions and inner thoughts. It knows your every move and even when you’ll decide to take a pause. Maybe you’ve been in such a place, maybe it was all by chance that your mind would be caught in this nest of deadly webs.

The vibe is intense, a stark contrast to whatever chilled hypnosis you thought was in the air. You try to walk but, your limbs won’t move. Blurry patches emerge before you. You start to panic and hopelessly wish that it could all be a dream. Then the howling begins; a painful screeching scream…feel it!

Imagine a special vacuum-like-black-hole; a room of white walls, crushing, squeezing and sucking at life. There is nowhere to hide from this phenomenon so you go ahead and immerse yourself in this peculiar yet somewhat familiar predicament. Now REALIZE that this cataclysmic creation has become your reality! It is now your identity. Every second of your existence from the electrolytes traveling through your nerve-system to the thoughts and shapes your measly mind just conjured up, the maze did that; you’re part of its world now and its raging blood-lust can’t wait to devour all…hear it!

A sudden blinding light readjusts your attention to four huge glass walls shaped straight and yet dome like; an optical illusion perhaps? And in this transparent dome, a chair is chained to the ground and SOMETHING or SOMEONE is strapped down in what seems to be a body-bag! A dense fog circulates around the structure. It opens and the fog rushes at you before it disappears. The smell it came with is intoxicating.

Now ask yourself, who or what was that thing locked up inside this dome? The creator or its experiment? Your steps towards it are wobbly, it feels like all you’ve been doing is walking for an entirety of a lifetime. Your heart has known no rest; every corner you’ve taken is greeted with a heavier thud in your chest. Your hands begin to sweat as you reach out to open the bag. Sweat rolls over your lips, you reluctantly taste it…

It becomes clear to you that the form in the bag is human. You start shaking, is it fear or anxiety? You gulp and exacerbate heavily. You slowly open the bag and then you suddenly freeze. Something has changed. A sense of terror creeps behind you, the air turns thin; it smells like sulfur, your vision is all over the place; you can barely see, that dense fog is back again; it reeks of rotten death, your jaws clench and you taste blood. Something from the bag seems to try and rip through the opening then all you hear is the sound of wailing cries…this is it: it emerges!

You feared the worst as you stare at what looks like your own reflection.

You knew; It’s you…



Photo credit: Luemen Carlson

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