Who are you

Our lips are thick, our noses broad,

Our hair is nappy; we are black.

And we are beautiful.

We are tall,

We are large and broad.

Our feet stamp with authority that sets us apart.

We are dark and we are light.

I am within this mighty tribe;

A sleeping beast with what they think is a magnanimous pride!

Africa is my brother.

Africa is my sister.

And Zimbabwe is my home.

I hear them speak in South Africa,

I hear them pray in Egypt,

I hear so many cries in Ethiopia,

Black and powerless.

I hear you everyday;

Marching for food

And lining for money queues.

Mari yepaper!

I watch it burn and do nothing.

The pain is too much to do anything.


Can you endure such oppression without retribution?

Theatricality and deception;

powerful allies to the uninitiated,

but I’m initiated!

For if we are not initiated, then who is?

If I am not for myself, who will be?

If I can’t stand for myself, then who will stand for me?

If I am for myself alone, who am I?

If not now, when?

And if not you, who?


White Tarzan used to beat up the black natives, you watched and screamed, kill the beast! 



Photo Credit: Dev Asangbam

5 thoughts on “Who are you

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    1. And, since we accepted for a few centuries that an entire group is white despite no resemblance to the colour itself…I quite like the colour of Jupiter, I think that’s how I will refer to myself going forward. At least the different shades of Jupiter match the different shades of my skin from my yellow chest to grey knees..

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  1. “White Tarzan used to beat up the black natives, you watched and screamed, kill the beast! ” Funny.

    Reminds of Roots, everyone around me was so proud of his defiance, Kunta Kinte. Today the same people who were horrified at his defeat named their children Toby.

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