Of the Unknown Unknown

There are things we do not know we don’t know…I love and hate this phrase for very obvious reasons. Basically, this goes beyond the fear of the unknown towards the fear of the unknown unknown (unexpected or unforeseeable conditions).

What we believe shapes who we are; belief can bring us salvation or destruction. Peace is an illusion because peace is a struggle of our very nature; the instinct of violence is our virus: destruction.

But, when you believe a lie for too long, the truth doesn’t set you free; it tears you apart right? Sometimes, belief isn’t about what we can see, it’s about what we can’t. This certainly brings us back to the unknown unknown.

How do we know how to love what we love? We fight for it!? One must have a reason for fighting though but, that reason must never be an ideal. That’s my honest opinion. If you fight for an ideal, you can only save ideals. And that means you can’t help others! Let the desire truly be yours and no one else’s and somehow you might reach a known unknown or an unknown known. 🤷🏾‍♂️

I correlate desire with what’s in your heart. Fill your heart with poison and you become its carrier; snake! Just because you have a heart doesn’t mean you’re closer to being human. So if you want to know about what to expect from the future then fill the present with good deeds.

However, with the way things are going; racism, sexism, homophobia, it’s like the world is drowning in poison. This just leaves a lot of anger stirring around. In the middle of that all will be two sides; nothing to do with race or sex, just two sides: the rich and the poor!

One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich…

My writing journey sometimes leads me into walls; big massive walls that just obstruct everything. You might think of going round, under or over but, going through it is always the last option. Hard things are always the last option. I’m trying to find a book without numbers so I can get lost in its pages. At night I sometimes wonder what the moon sounds like? I can almost feel your responses to this; bomboclat! False alarm, yanga iri heartburn…


If you want something bad enough, if you’re willing to sacrifice, it will find you; a clear known known…



Photo Credit: Stefano Pollio

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  1. Hi, another human who thinks 🙂 Well said. What we believe indeed shapes us. And we can believe pretty much anything. We can literally get sick from our thoughts or even cure ourselves.


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