That Morning

The overwhelmingly dense aromatics rushed through his nostrils. Tears would soon follow. He never liked chopping onions; he did enjoy eating them though. His hands were rather large and maneuvering a slippery oval-like vegetable tested his balance and coordination. This is a sharp knife and a rebellious vegetable we’re talking about here. He liked his omelette a bit runny, no tomatoes, a pinch of mild curry, a touch of white pepper and a bit of fresh parsley. He didn’t bother fry his onions today, a little heat is all they needed.

The sun had woke him up earlier. A bright white light pierced through the middle of the blinds where a gap had been deliberately enforced; the wake-up alarm for every summer. Like clockwork he would open his eyes fast in an attempt to have the sun-ray instantly knock the sleep out of his eyes. A stupid idea as always. Despite that light, his room was eerily dark. He reached for the lift-cord above him and pulled it to open the blinds. A flood of light rushed in unabated. It took a moment to adjust; he still had some sleep to vanquish. He had football posters on the wall and others of characters from his favorite video-games. The room had that aurora of fantasy, art and time travel. He was clearly a collector but, remained young at heart with the collection of teenage pop-culture.

The walls had recently been painted black to make sure every color of every object could pop out in the black foreground. White would have been the best option but, that was so 10 years ago. And besides that, he had a thing for black; even his clothes were beginning to shift to the dark side. The best thing about his bedroom was the ceiling mirror. Yes, he put a f**king mirror in the ceiling! He got that idea from a random show on the internet. He could see his dreams with every moment he woke and slept. It was a weird thing to get used to but, he never regretted it in the end; it was a massive hit with the ladies.

His bed was shaped like Ms Pac-Man. It must be a different kind of feeling to sleep in a circle shaped bed; with a pizza slice cut out of it of course. Sometimes he’d get up, do a few stretches and playfully ask, ‘so what will it be Miss P?’… Today he felt like eggs. Before he ate he would first brush his teeth, at least that was something normal from him. His bathroom on the other hand, just like his bed, defied the laws of what is and what isn’t normal. A tap on the wall and a slide door would swiftly open. Florescent lights would flicker on as soon he set foot into the room.

He enjoyed the cold light-grey sandy-like tiles. They complemented the dark grey walls filled with Japanese paraphernalia but, mostly prehistoric Japanese archipelago. One side was heavily dominated by stripes of red denotation intersecting with black tufts of artistic decadence; all inscribed along a sacred Ryukyuan text. Each inscription told a different story of a man and his rice farm facing varied success and difficult challenges. The lucky people to ever have access to this room would sometimes find themselves lost to the attention to detail; it’s just a place you crap in after all.

Smart decor decisions were made especially in his bathroom. The colors, materials, the hardware from the exotic wood-racks to the cobalt-stone sinks, even the water sensors; each section was well laid out. The shower was most impressive; a double shower above and four other shower-head nozzles around the wall made it feel like the water would enter any part of your body without any consent. The experience of that indoor waterfall was something else.

His main squeeze was not in bed when he woke. He assumed she had taken a jog so he went along with his routine. She was a looker that one. He’d usually wake her gently with a swirl of he long hair in her ear. A big smile would appear; the type that came with a perfect set of teeth. Usually with teeth like those, it came with drawbacks if you’d like to call them that; her pretty face had a pretty big and strong jawline. He made fun of her jawline but, he secretly loved that the most about her face.

He always passed through his greenhouse every morning. He had it installed as a tribute to his mother; a lover of delicate flowers and such. He enjoyed the Asiatic -lilies. Their orange color gave of a wonderful juxtaposition with the sun shining through the glass; a marvel to behold. He called his greenhouse ‘the jungle’. It was an almost overboard immaculate piece of art that came with a hideous amount of maintenance. The different flower smells got him the most. He’d pass through his mini-herb garden to pick out a few ingredients; it was always the parsley though, he thought it gave an extra taste to his eggs and everything else.

The nerve of him to install those huge kitchen doors you see in restaurants. When he got through, it looked like someone had beat him to it. A figure stood in the middle of the huge kitchen plan by the black-marble table. Looked like they were busy with the blender. It was her. Those long legs peeped out of the shirt he wore yesterday. So that’s where it (the shirt) went he thought. Because he was rather large, the shirt on her looked so ridiculously big on her. She had height on her at least so it wasn’t that goofy looking. He rushed up behind her and give her a squeeze. She was warm and to him, she had the perfect body; a small waist, short upper-body, a small bosom and some rough temples that always reminded him that she wasn’t as nice as she looked.

“You finally awake sleepy-head? I’m making your favorite juice”, she said. She then moved to give him a kiss on the cheek, he moved away and grabbed a smooch on her lips instead. They both laughed in their warm embrace.

“Babe, I got your runny eggs on, I hope you got the parsley”? He nodded in approval. She knew him so well. “I’m going to have some coffee”, she said.

He moved to dice up the onions and parsley next to her. She already had the cutting-board laid there for him. While he cut and cried, he asked, “so…you’re being nice to me today”?

She switched off the blender and looked at him with her big blue dreamy eyes. She planted him with another kiss and said, “happy birthday you fool”. A little giggle and an approval on her face showed that she enjoyed the reaction on his face. He was stunned and almost went pale. That morning was pretty interesting for him. It was a healthy difference for a rich billionaire like him. He never forgot his birthday but, that’s the effect she had on him. He paused and took a deep breath; the aromatics, her perfume and the morning breeze. What a bliss he thought.



That morning…



Photo Credit: Jonathan Meyer

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