What to do?


Something I’ve dabbled with for a few months as I try to recover last year’s blogging form. A mere three posts since the turn of the year is rather upsetting whenever I think about it. And yet my draft tray has a rather high number of fiery words waiting for their moment to be unleashed. I’ve made excuses before but, not this time around. I’d like to take a dip back into our current affairs though.

With fuel prices going up AGAIN, I can’t bare to think of my state of mind in the coming weeks; of course other people will be affected and not just myself. That was just a moment to take advantage of our current disadvantage. I said something about consistency right? Well, shit has been real out here and that’s the only consistent thing to write about these days. However, I intend to remove myself away from this doom and gloom of sharing nothing but, doom and gloom.

A play of words is something I enjoy working with. Maybe a shift back to poetry could be the answer. I write this particular extract while at work editing an upcoming magazine that my employers are working on. Yes, that means I have time to do some personal time. Not only that, I can share a particular piece that I’m rather proud of with the blogging community. So, very soon we’ll be talking about a specific letter that may or may not land me in some play of words with the higher ups of the higher bowels of Rhodesia. For now, I’ll just leave you on the hook but, just let me know if any one of you want a copy of this special magazine; just have your RTGS$ with you though. Shit ain’t free!

What to do?


You will always harvest what you plant (Galatians 6:7)

I think I should plant more because I want to harvest a lot! 



Photo Credit: Gift Habeshaw

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