What’s in my Notes?

I’m sure it’s not weird having a bunch of notes on your phone right?

So, I have this NOTES app on my iPhone and at one point I had over 150 notes on it. 😳

I’m sure the question is why so many notes right? It’s a good habit I picked up a few years back and ever since then, I always blot down important things. Unfortunately, I had to be creative in the way I structured my notes and therefore, a whole ton of them got deleted. The current number of notes now stands at a normal and respectable 12.

So, what’s in my notes? 🤔

For security reasons, I clearly won’t say the obvious! Let’s back-track a little bit:

Last year, on top of the list was a note called, “THINGS THAT LYNN LIKEs”. This alone will soon have it’s own dedicated blog post, I’m sure of it. To cut the story short, you all know my personal life is well documented, especially past relationships and yes, I wrote down shit that Lynn liked. It’s a shame that list didn’t serve its true purpose. I woke up this morning and this particular note was tucked firmly at the bottom after being such an extremely important piece at one point. Lynn is happy now and that’s what you all need to know…for now! I’m glad I didn’t think twice about deleting it and I just realized there won’t be a future blog post about her anymore. 🙂

I will find someone to love and write about, eventually.

I have notes that vary from meal recipes, places I want to travel to, music, poetry, my future kids’ names and even a list of groceries that my mom gave me like three months ago. I use that same list over and over; I think that’s a thing. 😅

One dedicated section of my notes is clamped down by famous quotes. Not sure if I like famous people saying famous things. At least I can say that most of it is motivational. I’ve needed truck-loads of motivation in the past.

One section I really need to update is my bible verses and prayers section that I started last year. It started of as a genuine connection with the faith and then it became a task. And for me once it becomes a task it almost loses meaning. I want it to be second nature. I want to know God just as much as I always want to blog. And trust me, I ALWAYS want to blog. I want a spiritual relationship as potent as the one I have with water. Don’t think my body would forgive me if I cut water out; a short way to death right? Water is life and God is life. 🙏🏾

Remember when I said I love me some quotes? Well, I’ve gone as far as to save a few from the shows I watch. Don’t judge me! And don’t worry future wifey, I’m not the type to pause a film to catch a phrase or two. Our Netflix and chill will definitely be Netflix and chill! 😉

One of my favourite phrases is from an anime called Naruto. I should really stop watching cartoons. 🤦🏾‍♂️ Here it is:


Carrying out your will is not an easy task. At times, you may even lose it. People can always rediscover one’s will. Even if you think it’s useless and you abandon your will after coming up against many barriers. If you’ve been given a chance to face yourself, you can pick up the pieces and start over. There are many sides to a will…keep on polishing it and in time, it will be the strongest will in the world. This is what it means to live a human life.


It’s really amazing; the stuff you hear on cartoon shows is bewildering. And I don’t see myself watching cartoons any less than I do now. I had to write that will of stone down though. I remembered half of it and the rest couldn’t fit in my head in one take. 😏

My friend Tariro said something really interesting a few days ago. I saved it for future reference. She’s really going to eat me for this one but, she won’t be the only one in the notes for future reference. If you’re a friend and you find yourself in my notes, you must be something special. A number of you are in my notes. Not as much as before though. People change I guess! For the guys, it’s mostly keeping bets and I stay winning!

One particular note that I once used as a meme literally cracks me up all the time. Only people who know what Etv is will understand this:

Back in the days

Friday & Saturday evenings

Channel: Etv

Time: 00:00 (midnight)

Volume: 0 🔇

Remote Control: ALT button on standby!

Memes will never die and I pity those without a single funny bone in them. That up there is funny. And funny enough, I thought I was the only one as a young teen who explored the soft-core porn that used to show on DSTv. I wonder why they cancelled those shows, kinda learnt a lot from them! 😅

WRITE YOUR GOALS DOWN! I cannot stress this point enough. For the last few years I’ve been writing my goals down and picking them off slowly. You need to know where you’re going with your life. And writing your goals down will force you to make a decision, force you to choose a direction and ultimately, you have clarity on what your purpose in life is. I write my goals down in my notes! What happens when your phone dies or gets stolen Nyasha? Back that shit up! 🤷🏾‍♂️

The funny notes for me are the ones for work and my WiFi password. It’s funny because I can never remember my WiFi password to save my life (it has to be a difficult password yeah). As for the work notes, I always go through them after work and the to-do-list would be dirt long! I’ll be in bed there wondering why I’m doing this to myself; all this work. 🤣 Don’t worry, I get it done though. I love my job!

So, that’s what’s in my notes! I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. If you find this weird then you can stick to your notepads and diaries. Unfortunately, I don’t have the patience of cramping my fingers up from all the writing or hustling for RTGS dollars to buy a new book every month!

Ain’t nobody got time for that…




Photo Credit: rawpixel

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