I’m Not Done Yet

Last time I started a blog I went a full year without updating it…😬

Back then my excuse was ‘school’. 🤷🏾‍♂️

But, this time around, I shall not let procrastination be the demise of my young WordPress blog! 🤓

Alas, Zimbabwe has a way of pulling you in places you didn’t know had the ability to stretch.

If you haven’t had the pain of selling a beloved tech-device-slash-equipment then I can assume you live a luxury of no regret. 😒

Regret is where I found myself just before 2019 rocked up.

On one hand you have thirsty me plotting to go out on New Year’s Eve. 💦

While on the other hand, my conscious kept telling me to reconsider any unwise spending.

And just like ‘pfeeee’ it was all gone… most of it that is! 😳

As I stood at the place where all things are seldom sold & lost (H&S); I found myself questioning my decision for putting up certain items for sale.

If I let it go, I’d have to scrounge the deepest bowels of the city of Bulawayo to get a replacement.

Ain’t nobody got time for that… 👎🏾

Was the risk worth the reward?

The reward being sustenance with the comfort a few foreign shillings; around here that’s something worth more than blood, food & life itself. (I KID YOU NOT)

Would I fold?

The upside is that I’d go a few weeks looking for a suitable replacement.

Unfortunately, with the work I tend to do, a switch back to ‘windows’ would leave me at a disadvantage.

The uninspiring black keyboard & long startup time has certainly worked me up. 😡

I’d be able to update my blog though but, I’d have to forget my dream of cohabitation with music. 😥

And on top of that, not only would I have a devalued 2nd-hand item, the shillings left would literally sweat to oblivion 😫

See the dilemma?

22 days later I only have ONE blog post to open up a shite 2019 & I already feel like pulling my hair out.

That’s how life is on the other side of the other side.

I sound like I have nice life problems & yet I forget to mention the economic crisis in Rhodesia. 🤦🏾‍♂️

Petty squabbles on overpriced bond notes; something you wouldn’t know.

It’s like using money that doesn’t exist.

It’s like knowing something is expensive but, has no worth.

It’s like eating pizza with no cheese! 😱

It’s like ordering a two-piece chicken meal only to be told that there’s no chicken. 😅

I’m not even done yet…

It’s like fist-pumping your friends cause you don’t know how strong cholera is. 👊🏾

It’s like being naive by telling everyone that, it will be okay & yet God has other ideas! 🙌🏾

It’s like saving up money for saving up money! 🤣

We don’t feel the pains of being black, born rich or poor?

We don’t feel the pains of being young, educated or unemployed?

We don’t feel nothing out here in Rhodesia.

A limp nation taking a constant beating. ( I didn’t see that sexual pun) 😏

Our sense of feeling died some way back! 🌶

Because now all we do is cry…

And to think there were days when those beatings were good.

I wonder how it feels now…to realize that if you’re Zimbabwean, all you’ve ever done is vote & cry. 👏🏾

Imagine being told that irregardless is not even a word.


Irregardless of that, I’m not done yet!



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