Along Samora

Harare is another cartoon I tell you! 🤣

There I was, chilling right in the middle of a traffic light controlled intersection.🚦

How did I get there?

The answer to that question is an epiphany in it’s own right. 🤔

I was stuck there, incapable of moving forward or even back.

I wasn’t the only one though.

You could tell by the awkwardly beautiful sounding orchestra of honking.

For a moment I would close my eyes and try to feel the different moaning and groaning from the cars afar. (I literally fell asleep; trying to make it sound smart 🤫)

That was extremely hard.

My ears would soon glare with pain.

So close we were, packed like sardines along Samora Machel Avenue.

It took me a while to cross that intersection. Probably as long as an hour.

Like wildebeest at a watering hole with no water, we stood there confused, shuffling back and forth…endless pain! 😫

However, it was encouraging to see a few volunteers jump out of their vehicles to chauffeur the traffic but, who would move their cars…🤦🏾‍♂️

As I drew closer to the source of the whole mess, it dawned to me that this traffic congestion was not being caused by an accident.

Not even a fuel queue would take this blame.

But, man himself was behind this debacle. (Like as if I wasn’t surprised)

Motorists had BEEN ignoring the rules of the road and not only did they end up in the same place, everyone else around them was in a stalemate.

And that’s where it hit me👊🏾; we’re all in a stalemate while life keeps flickering away, green, amber, red; what difference does it make?

Are we even making progress as a nation, as a people, as a community, as a family? (I don’t expect you to answer such hard questions 😏)

A strange new light can be just as frightening as the dark. This is where Zimbabwe is right now. MURIMA! (IN THE DARK!)

So much has happened in the past two years and while we embraced the new light, we are still frightened of what each dawn brings.

Sounds like it was another depressing drive through the capital?

I wasn’t really expecting much after having last visited almost a decade ago. 😳

Astonishingly, the traffic lights still flicker and yet, no visible movement; little to nothing had changed.

Like I said, I wasn’t really expecting much.

And besides, who am I to have an opinion on our Rhodesia? 💉

Just another blogger with a salty opinion I guess…sherbet!

This is what I would like my people to know as we continue to suffer under this repulsive system:

Your body is a prison, temporarily. Your mind is free, always!

Photo Credit: David Clode

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