It was cold that day.

Toes were numb…maybe even a case of frostbite would ensue.

Almost felt like popsicles bunched up together in wool.

My imagination tried to picture the feeling.

Seeing was easier than trying to put it into words.

I let my imagination run either way.

I decided to stay indoors on that day.

Never happened; would later find myself amongst rain and scented flowers.

Looking out the window; ice-like perspiration stuck on the cold surface.

In the early hours of that morning, the sun decided to hide itself among the grey-black nimbus.

Who could blame her, not many had appreciated her beautiful golden rays.

Not so long ago the pain from the heat scorched us to a crisp.

We cursed and we kicked. The storm came and she brought a cold whip.

Crisp and swift.

Yet gone like the wind.

They fought with love and called it sport.

Two peas in a pod it seemed.

Alas, only one could be called supreme.

Summer took precedence.

It was his time to call the shots.

And her majesty the sun gave him all the ammunition he needed.

Fortunately, the nimbus had a different idea in mind.

Rain would soon come.

And the heavens were ready to open up.

I felt like going out and playing in the puddles; stick my tongue out and let the drops drip, drip, down, down.

Childish things made straight from the playground.

The sun rays pierced through those bulky clouds.

The rain looked like tiny diamonds falling as they glistened together.

What a beautiful sight.

A moment filled with immense colour, a moment of delight.

What more could I want?


Nature surely does what it wants!



Photo Credit: Javardh

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