Winter is coming or is it here already?

I’m not sure if it’s laziness or the sense of entitlement that I have when it comes to blogging; can I just blog whenever I want…🤷🏾‍♂️

To be honest, the last few weeks back in Zimbabwe have been rather cloudy. We’ve all experienced a new low especially with these ridiculous winter-nights. Unfortunately, those ain’t the clouds I’m talking about. And fortunately for you, I appreciate the time you took to read this and therefore, I shall concoct something warm to toast up those nickers. 🔥

So the last few weeks have been cloudy right? More like a sh*t-storm really. I mostly blame myself for the lack of preparation. And I totally regret not taking that shot of gunpowder infused vodka to kick my senses back to the reality of Mugabeland. 😒

And yes, we’re all stuck in the same-old shitty Mugabeland. I truly love my country but, sometimes I wonder why we enjoy the continuous desert-eagle up the throat suicide repetitions. REPE-F**KING-TITIONS! Wow! My grammar is swimming over red-lines today. 😂

I’ve always wanted to hover around the political situations in Zimbabwe and just add a dab of hot-sauce-opinion onto the issue. But, hovering is exactly what I’ll stick to. I’ll save the roasting of people’s nickers until after the elections (again, this will be another bullet through the skull). I truly love my country but, in my opinion, life out here will only get worse before we see a true democracy. This excludes ribbon cutting ceremonies for a single dumpster. 💩

I’ve seen some and then some. A truly independent statement that means thunin’ (nothing) to the youth of Zimbabwe. I feel sorry for those above 30 at this point in time. My language will slightly coax the bowels of our current young-blood slang. This has been an avenue that has brought a great deal of misunderstood pleasure. In other words, I feel so sorry for myself when I enjoy doing the flashy handshakes accompanied by a ‘how rah’ (how are you or is it how far🤔; I have no clue but, it means hello). Don’t judge me… I also wanna be young again! 🖕🏾

I love the zest that I see in our youth. I’d know because I’m part of the youth. A group of free-thinking individuals who are hungry for freedom from this oppressive, self-revolving ,pathetic and old-aged government. This youth is hungry for some munchies as well (only the 4:20 will understand that one💨). Unfortunately, we lack direction. I still see a few kiddlings supporting the same hand that dealt us some nasty backhand blows for a while…felt like decades of child-abuse. Have you ever heard the story of the toad and the scorpion? Long story short; they both died in the end. And that’s how it feels to be a Zimbabwean. But, like I said earlier, I shall only hover over the politics. 😉

The stretch of the matter is that, I have struggled to keep hold of money and even friends. I’m sorry but, some of my friends are expensive so for now it’s a young short-left for most of ya’ll. Money ain’t the only issue; the idea of growing old in my fathers house with nothing but, a keyboard to fill this blog up or a beat to mix for those bigheaded musicians we ‘used to know’ is rather sad. 😢

So that’s the cloud I’m currently battling with at this moment. Maybe I haven’t blogged cause I’ve just been lazy. Or maybe it’s because I’m itching to diss the who’s who of celebrities who talk cheap and deliver nothing-shots to jolt this youth into action. I had a dream once; we delivered this country to our kings and soon after we slit all their throats. A little too much? Violence isn’t the answer. And I somehow speak like Mugabe still rules Mugabeland. But, there’s a reason why he’s in Singapore whilst we get to deal with roads in holes and holes in roads. At least that guy gave us a bin to dispose of all this nonsense.


I enjoyed writing that



Photo Credit: Vladimir Chuchadeev

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