The early sun was warm on my bare neck.

Piercing through the yellow linen curtain, it made the room appear dystopian like.

A cactus sat idly on the floor, casting shadows over the wood and more.

I could tell that it was time to go back; the day was almost up or had it just begun?

The air moved so quietly yet unforgiving in it’s approach; it was ticklish.

It was welcomed and felt refreshing. For a few minutes I felt all hot and sticky. Even the perspiration showed on the windows.

My mind was racing. I tried settling the nerves but, all I could imagine were flashes of the last forty minutes of intense euphoria.

It didn’t help at all. It should have just jumped out of my chest at that very moment.

The dizziness had stopped. I always felt this way especially after an escapade of this nature.

I was glad the rubber smell was almost gone; couldn’t say the same for my hands.

They were wet and extremely red like as if I’d been beating the base of a drum repeatedly.

I smirked as my inner consciousness reminded me that I was just beating something else; someone rather.

The minutes after sex fascinated me.

I tend to extremely analyze a number of things during that period just for the fun of it.

Butt-naked I lay. The bed was a mess.

I rolled over and realized why you installed the mirror in the ceiling. It felt like an alternate reality was staring back at me; I loved it…

I didn’t want to leave. I knew I would suddenly wake up from this dream or I would have to get up and leave.

I really couldn’t tell which would happen, the euphoric sensation had fully taken over. I may as well enjoy the little time I had left.

My bad vision couldn’t pick out much even though I knew what and where everything was in your room.

Anything that was more than 2 meters away looked like what you see when you open you eyes after just waking up from sleep; a blur…

There was no blur about the figure standing to the far right of the room though.

The curves of that body were like speed-dial to my short-sighted eyes.

Your lower body was draped in a towel. That didn’t stop me from creating an imaginary outline of the rest of your body…

You had your back towards me but, I still noticed the heavy breathing from the way you were heaving.

I was transfixed. My eyes roaming ever-so-carefully over every inch.

Putting the view into words, I chuckled ; that’s undoable.

The sun rays bounced off your torso, made the moment more beautiful.

However, the word beautiful doesn’t exist for this anecdote.

I wondered for a moment, asking myself what was going through your mind.

You did your girl thing with your hair; it was cute.

For a slight moment, you stole a quick look back at me but, I was ready for it.

I met your eyes with a shy naughty smile.

I didn’t know what is was about you and being shy but, it was perfect.

I knew what that wry smile on your face meant.

On your belly you slithered your way slowly towards me.

Sheets and blankets falling over.

A blink of an eye was met with a kiss.

It felt like I had been holding my breathe for such a long time for it to arrive.

The power you had over me.

You didn’t have to say anything but, you did,

“Look up the mirror and tell me what you see”


I didn’t have to look; it was her turn to watch.



Photo Credit: guregure



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