“When you find yourself missing me, remember when you had me and I wasn’t enough for you…”

I feel so strongly about this. In the past few days I’ve questioned my taste in women. Maybe it’s just bad luck or it’s me trying too hard. Whatever the case my be, I feel like I need to take a step back on certain things. On the matter of dating, whether it’s an open relationship or a sexual relationship with your best-friend or whatever it is; I have come to the conclusion that being exclusive with someone is overrated. When it’s not your time to be in a relationship, the world has a crappy way of rubbing it in and then some.

Like I said, I feel so strongly about this and the past few days have made me take a step back. I feel like as you grow older you begin to see the perspective in the objective. While love is an overpriced basic commodity, we seek it, we need it and mostly, we obsess over it. I feel so strongly about this because relating to it has become so synonymous to life itself. I feel so strongly about this because when you meet someone you never really know their intentions. They could be blowing hot or cold, going south through west when all you want is the real definition of unconditional love.

I feel so strongly about this, so much so that I’ve blogged too many times about it (love). I have wasted too many cracked keyboard letters for those we once called ‘the one’. A joke that was once a dream, turned so sour when the passion was once so sweet. Losing a love is as emotional as finding one then realizing that this was just a regular neighborhood bus stop towards the ‘actual’ destination. So, fuck temporary love. Am I bitter for saying that? No. I’m me for saying it. This is for the times they hurt you, the times they lied and told you sweet nothings, and sugar-coated the future with premature escapades stolen from Kama Sutra’s diary.

I feel so strongly about this and I’ve proved that already. As I walk away, I hope my feisty path dissolves your existence from underneath my feet. Every so often I fade so deeply into myself deliberately because nobody knows me better than myself. My self is lit-up with bright lights, exuberant bliss and deflated egos; what a presence. I ain’t going to let you or anyone dim my extravagance. Beware of the temporary ones, they may derail you, hurt you, deceive you or lead you astray… I’m not having that!


Tomorrows meet-up will be interesting…



Photo Credit: Munpa Gallery

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