What is love?

A question I’ve asked myself.

Over and over, I wonder and ponder.

Where do these feelings come from; this feeling of intense plunger.

Gross mentality can assume that it came from God.

It’s odd.

What breaks you can make you.

Love can make anew.

At times it hurts to the core.

Hearing of Valentine’s on the 14th; what a bore.

But, still I ask what is love?

Is it a chemical imbalance?

Or is it a bunch of unconditional feelings in balance?

So what is a feeling?

Is it somewhere in the mind or the heart busy frog-jumping and leaping?

What makes the body skip beats? That’s a lot!

I hate that I love it.

And I love that I hate it.

Compulsive behavior straight to the brain.

And soon you’ll have toddlers making you go insane.

What is the price of love without pain?

Opening up to a stranger hoping to get something in exchange.

I dread this day; why do we sort to experience the same while looking for change?

A kiss from your bae, will it make you flustered in a way?

Or a dozen roses sent to your work, will that make you experience love in a different way?

I dread broken promises and weird love fights.

Love bights.

But, being alone is a plight.

A dark plague, filled with horror and deceit.

We’re sexual beings, don’t wait too long to get your receipt.

It’s free of charge and all you have to do is take that leap.



And teach.

You can never find love if your life is filled with bleach.

So what is love?


Love is you and me.



Photo Credit: Tyler Nix

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