What is Your Great?

I’ve always wanted to do something great. My earliest memories of greatness as a kid got me to believe that I would be a Ninja Turtle one day. Excuse my Westernized childhood; it is within the era I grew up in. However, I’m humbled in being a 90’s baby raised in the African country of countries in Zimbabwe, deep in the bowls of rich-hood Kumalo close to the border-line jumpers of the Parklandians. I know the homies will have thoughts about that last one.

I was very fortunate to have been exposed to a lot of nice things growing up. Stuff like video-games and Ninja Turtles were a luxury to some of my friends. I could relate to most of them though especially in my high school years. My salad life was turned upside down the moment I went to high school kumusha. I experienced a good dose of humbleness during those times. I could say those dystopian times influenced my ‘something great’ to do. By the time I was 15 the Ninja Turtles had officially left the building.

Unfortunately, it’s replacement was a combination of many artistic things. My love of music, food, art, sport and writing flooded the rest of my teen years. Out of all those criminal passions (everyone has some sort of hobby in one of those fields), I knew that one day I’d turn one into the golden goose. The only issue I had with that was figuring out which egg to lay.

Not that I suffer from a serious case of indecisiveness but, the fear of missing out is one thing that blotted my mind. The idea of thinking that I’d focus on music without my writing is death in itself. Just the same as me giving up my every-other-day few hours of gaming to old-age adulting is unforgivable. It would seem like I’m afraid of growing up. But, it’s actually a fear of my time ending without experiencing some tiny possibility of greatness in the areas that tickle my fancy.

As I advance to my 30’s at an alarming rate which I’ll try not to make a fuss about, I realize how we people as a race cling on the idea of “making it”. It could be your dream job, your exclusive passion or even just for the money. Something surely drives us. That same thing could easily be the definition of who you are as a person. If we were to dive even deeper you’d realize that an uncontrollable insatiable imagination can bend both ways between extreme joy and extreme horror. Joy in their exquisite creations and talents, and horror in the unimaginable things they may or may not have done to get to that summit.

Let it not cost you a tainted scar that we now grieve a man who wanted it all. Others just try to stay alive in a city of suits with money that could burn your eyes. The appeal of wonders and magical lights intoxicated with potions that draw you towards undesirable motions. I could justify the greed in men but, that would be a lie even to myself.

I no longer live in a Ninja Turtle world. I no longer feel like greatness appeals as it used to. So many things have changed that I hold bruises within the imagination of life in life itself. I dream big dreams that I plan to travel to, wishes I hope to come true. My life has been a crushed mixed bag, hopefully, some good tasting lemonade comes out from it. I speak for myself and others can follow:


Because I’m still here, I AM GREATNESS; my Higher Power told me so!

cual es tu gran…


Photo Credit: Clark Tibbs

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