Call of Duty: WWII & Star Wars Battlefront II

It’s been a while since I posted something on the path of gaming. The past few months have been filled with a lot fun but, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. The following critical analysis is based on my own experience with the above mentioned PS4 titles. Therefore, reserve your defensive comments for IGN; I’m pretty sure there’ll be many after what I have to say.

Firstly, I would like to say, Electronic Arts (EA) published a cluster-fuck of a game in Star Wars Battlefront II (SWB2). Utter disrespect was had in the creation of SWB2 and I feel really good saying that this game is crap compared to it’s predecessor.

I spent a fortune on these games. A few months ago I was truly itching to get my hands on these titles. When I did, at face value, I was really impressed with one whilst the other truly disappointed me. SWB2 tried to low-blow us with in-game transactions in the form of loot-boxes.

Hopefully that shit gets banned soon cause why would I pay R1000/$80 for a game then prompt me to funnel more money to upgrade characters and star cards? What happened to the days were creators made games for the people? Shame on you EA! We have stayed loyal to you for years but, this spit in the face, we shall not have.

So EA removed the pay-to-win element in SWB2 due to the public outcry however, the structure and look of the game still stays the same. Gameplay is good and the campaign is actually interesting. The star cards however were botched because they obviously tried to make a quick buck out of them. The star card format should have stayed the same as those in SWB1. Another important aspect in this game that makes me cringe are the troopers. Because of the lack of variety, you now have an issue with your team having the same damn looking character. Like who does that EA? Why would I want 10 Officers on my team with the SAME freaking face???? FIX IT!!!!!

Thou shall calm down before I break my keyboard. Now we move on to the star-child in Call of Duty: World War 2 (CODWW2). Many people were excited for the return of boots-to-ground; I was in cloud-9. Not to mention a return to “World War”; I couldn’t contain my imagination on some days. When the game came out I was already deep into CODWW2 Youtube videos, biding my time until I could get my own copy.

The R1000/$80 I spent on CODWW2 was definitely worth way more than the R1000/$80 I spent on SWB2. The (CODWW2) gameplay is extremely frantic and I tweak my control settings making sure that my turning sensitivity is on super higher which really puts some zest into any game-mode. The game has about 9 maps at the moment with about 9 different game-modes. These should definitely keep you entertained.

The downside which really isn’t a downside if you consider some facts is that the maps are small and each team is no larger than 6 therefore, multiplayer provides only 12 players at most in one session. If you ever hear someone say this, just know they probably prefer larger maps and more players in one team. There is no doubt that CODWW2 has a lot of negatives like some overpowered weapons, lack of weapon variety, too many levels to prestige for the average gamer, a lot of glitches but, what game doesn’t have glitches?

All in all, for its market, audience and map size, CODWW2 certainly delivers the goods. For me, it’s the go-to-shooter whenever I crave a fast-passed kill them all vendetta. The gameplay is good and the graphics are amazing. Unfortunately, I have had a full 4 days of gameplay and I’m now bored. It’s good they just released some new downloadable content (DLC) called “Resistance” and I like the new DLC but, the new game-mode it came with; Prop-Hunt, truly sucks!

They need to get fresh ideas to keep people interested cause now I have played every map and because the maps are small it becomes too repetitive. It’s truly an addictive game to play with friends or with your little brother or sister. But, If CODWW2 sticks with having small maps then they need more different maps to keep the interest-mill churning. 8/10 for CODWW2 and because I’m a huge fan I give SWB2 6/10. I think that (SWB2) game truly deserves a 1 for lack of everything. I’d say don’t buy SWB2 until all the DLC is out in a few months. I hear some talk about Obi-Wan

I’m off to Battlefield 1 for the next few months, email me with your favourite games, maybe we can link up online and I can whoop you repeatedly.


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