Surf ‘n’ Turf

“Food on Friday”

I remember the first time I had surf ‘n’ turf  so vividly like it was yesterday. The smell still lingers in my nostrils till this very day. That particular dish had a presence about it. I remember feeling all tingly inside; the same feeling you have when buying new shoes. I know that’s the worst example ever but, I love shoes just as much as I love food. 🤷🏾‍♂️

It fascinated me to see that particular dish on the menu. I remember swearing to myself with awe and disbelief at the fact that a restaurant was partnering fish and meat in one dish. I almost put my hand up to call the waiter over so that I could share my feelings about this atrocity. I was hurt in some way but, still fascinated. And me being me, I ordered the surf ‘n’ turf.

As I waited for the meal, my brain took me to the kitchen as I tried to imagine the preparation of such a meal. Little did I know, my tastebuds were about to be incinerated with immense flavour. I minced on the name of the dish and laughed at how fishies be surfing and meat cattle be turfing; dumb right? But, a smart catchy name indeed.

All these years later, my favourite meal to date is any combination of meat and fish (the fish HAS to be deep fried). I truly love fish, with calamari being the top dog. If it wasn’t for the fact that too much red meat makes you sick then them steaks would be far ahead on my favourite list. I’m not going to explain the taste; I will leave that to your imagination…and your saliva.😂 Today I felt that a tribute to fish and meat needed to be made. And I looked no further than Jack Collier.

This particular “Food on Friday” post got me going to many places in my mouth, so much so that I’ve already penciled in my next date with surf ‘n’ turf. It took me a while to enjoy shrimp but, the way it’s presented here; immaculate. Please go visit Jack’s amazing blog. I frequently visit it to quench my hunger crave by starring obliquely at the food on display. A strange habit but, it works for me. The link to his blog is below so please give it a read and don’t forget to enjoy it…


via Food on Friday ~ Comfort Food (Soups)



Photo Credit: Jack Collier

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