Stuck In the Box

My Instagram has been blowing up of late. I’d insert an emoji of me hiding my face cause I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it. It is concerning…

Today was the usual day. Woke up, checked my phone, took a shower, checked my phone, prepared for work, checked my phone, got to work, checked my phone… You get the pattern? I’m not trying to say that I’m always on my phone but, at one point it really did get me thinking. It is concerning…

What mobile phones do to us. Photo Credit: Banksy

I’m a very social person and maybe it’s my urge of always wanting to connect with people but, I see what it does to me. Sometimes after responding to a WhatsApp message, I always find myself on another social media site checking out posts. And luckily I can snap out of this addictive trance. I always remind myself that networking ain’t going to pay the bills. It is concerning…

I usually blog during lunch time and an hour before that I prep myself. And today it didn’t take long to decide what to write about. Technology has been on my mind of late; how the world has advanced itself further thanks to mankind’s brain-power. However, we do pay a price for it, don’t we? It is concerning…

Reality TV has us sprawling. We truly are brainwashed! Photo Credit: Banksy

I’m sorry if this particular analysis ruins your mood but, how do you feel about about Reality TV? For example, Keeping Up with those girls, whatever that show is called. Honestly, is this how far we’ve gone? I’ve seen people worship these celebrities. I hate the Kardashians (I do respect their late father though; he was a very learned man and I know he’s probably rolling in his grave wondering how his daughters affect the world with little to no higher education). For me they represent that picture you post on Instagram hoping that it goes viral. And yes, you could make it in life without education. And yes, you could change the world without education but, it’s important isn’t it? With all that money I’d blow my head open with all the information I can get and use it to cure cancer or something. *Sips tea* but, that’s just me right? It is concerning…

The probable outcome; it could tear relationships apart. Photo credit: Banksy

We all have different opinions and this is mine: I slumped into a different place these last few months. And every-time I’m not connected to social media, I feel this sense of panic and terror. This is the effect that technology has on us; it has the power to make and break strong bonds. Gone are the days when all we needed a phone for, was to call and send a message. But, now my phone can control a whole freaking house; amazing but, what next? Will we let tech consume us?  Too much changes you, enough is just enough, too little is nothing; that’s what I always say after I find myself three hours deep into Facebook jungle. It is concerning…

Don’t be afraid to leave your phone behind. Photo Credit.

I love how technology and social media has connected us, made families and relationships even stronger but, there’s always two sides to everything in life. Here’s my message; get out of the box and enjoy the world outside tech. Don’t be fooled; you can actually take a lunch break without bringing your phone along.  And just enjoy the lunch instead of hoping for the rest of the day that the picture of your delicious meal gets a thousand hits on Insta… That, should concern you. Ironically, we should all stop and Think Different.


Be careful when you follow the masses. Sometimes the “m” is silent!



Photo Credit: Federica Galli


10 thoughts on “Stuck In the Box

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  1. The other weekend we had a get together with the guys we all chilling drinking I looked up to take a photo to post the squad group and noticed everyone was on their phones…. It’s like a TV advert , phones (read as tech) are taking over the world I read something about an AI being granted citizenship in some country and now It/her wants the right to marry and have kids… Too much television watching got us chasing dreams

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  2. It’s like a sickness, this internet. Most times i try to think into the future and I wonder what would become of sociability. Even if i agree that the internet has tons of pros, its having too much pros will keep getting us more and more immersed.

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