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I’ve always wanted to go to Mauritius. It’s name alone is so inviting and rolls off the tongue like delicious ice-cream. Excuse my bad language. A little birdie told me that Mauritius is ‘the’ paradise and nowhere else stands against it. So me being me, I decided to go through my favorite travel-blog; Discover The Planet.

People talk about their holiday in Mauritius and speak about luxury resorts, relaxing on beautiful beaches in the resort they chose, but that’s it, they miss out on all the facilities that this magnificent island has to offer.

boat dinner 1


The island is perfectly sized to explore in a week or so! To give you an example it takes under two hours to drive from the north to the south of the island.  I explored Mauritius for seven days and I am so happy I didn’t stay in the typical “honeymoon” resort for the week

Yes; the name of that restaurant is Trou Au Bitches..And yes; why resort to resorts when you can fully explore your money’s worth? Try it for once; don’t worry about where but, indulge yourself at these new sights. Don’t worry about how, just do it without a frown. The best way is to start by looking at the sun and how it dances with the ocean. Happiness is a feeling that starts in the eyes, take a walk outside; trust me, your mind will be surprised. So here’s a piece of advice, get out of the pool and go see why The Island of Rainbows has a permanent glow.

Just like the Maldives, Mauritius has finally entered my must-visit column. Thanks to Discover The Planet and their insight on this beautiful island nation. Please feel free to visit the blog and hopefully this becomes another option for you.


Péna problem! Péna traka.



Photo Credit: Discover The Planet

via Leave the resorts and explore Mauritius!!!

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