Grill Peppers, Minced Pita & Feta

Attempted some grilling the other day that pretty much impressed my tastebuds. I could do a little dance just thinking about it. Despite the constant nagging from my friends, hounding me for my ‘actual’ address, I didn’t give in. Mitches!

Just before the flip! Looking juicy and sweet!

Okay, so this is the rundown on the type of meat you will need: the “thick skirt” would work pretty nice and ultimately, I would’ve went for the traditional “t-bone” but, it had been devoured already. You will also need an oven, pre-heat to 150, a black pan thingy like the one you see above, some salt, sugar, parsley, garlic and a hint of olive oil.

I know, that was the laziest rundown ever. Bite me!

A few days before that, I was feeling a bit on the feta side so I thought I whip up a sandwich. The core ingredients included: easy-to-fry super lean mince (that is exactly what its says on the label). Stir-fry mixed vegetables from McCain, olive oil, brown sugar, pepper-dews, mayo, a ton of black-pepper infused feta cheese and stale bread. The death of me.

This was before I added the beef stock. WOW! I fucking hate soup!

SIDE NOTE: If I ever post anything with soup in it, it’s safe to say I have been compromised. And it’s not even about the taste of soup or stew. I hate it when something fried gets ruined by water and tomatoes. Get that outta here man…

This was an evening meal and I’m glad my mom didn’t see this otherwise…well…

And there you go! The fruits of my cooking escapades. Such ambition and depth in appetite. I was snacking whilst I wrote this. It was hard not to lick your lips

Earlier you saw a delightful picture of a pita and fries from Naf Naf Grill in Washington D.C and no, I’m not going there. However, that tasty looking treat is the subject of this weekends food escapade attempt. I know my WhatsApp is going to be blowing up. Again, the death of me…

If you know where I live, you are more than welcome to join me (And actually help me to cook). On the flip-side, thanks to that bacon-lover; Nicki, on the update of Naf Naf and also, for having one of the most intriguing blogs I’ve ever seen. Please visit EATLIVETRAVELDRINK and be prepared for your stomach to literally jump out of your body…or simply, for you to get hungry I guess


Damn, these Tuc biscuits just made me even more hungrier…








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