When In Amsterdam

I’m a fan of many things. I know that’s a bit too blunt for the tepid readers but, bare with me when I say this weird fact. I’m a fan of many things and where I’m from we say you love thingswith a bit of shade on the side of course!

TGIF! I’m a fan of Amsterdam! This morning I landed on Oriana’s Notes. One word to describe this blog; colorful. Unfortunately, on my blog we not about one word descriptions. Vibrant, active, warm, inviting, beauty, sparkle; yeah I said sparkle! Laugh all you want but, this particular blog impressed me and showed me how you can do so much by saying so little with a few pictures as your sidekick. Travel.

Hey ! I took some time off, right before starting school again we decided to go to Amsterdam for the week-end ! We found quite cheap plane and bus tickets, so it wasn’t such a huge expense. A little extra holiday before starting the year is great in my opinion 😊 I’ve never been to Amsterdam […]

via Travel – Amsterdam Week End 🚲 — Oriana’s Notes

And I’ve never been to Amsterdam before but, I know all about it! And if it sounds as cheap as Oriana says then I have a date with the red light district. What fascinates me the most is that, there is a high concentration of bicycles; way more than cars. And whenever people explain this to me I can never get it through my head. Either way, if you have some penny-change I highly suggest you take a look at Amsterdam.

Shoutout to Oriana for the beautiful blog, please visit the link below to experience a front-row-seat of her journey’s. Don’t forget to leave a like, dankie and much love. TGIF!


I was just planning to take pictures while in the red light district…that’s all really!



Photo Credit: Oriana’s Notes

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