That Girl

The Ladybug and the Rhino

She talked to God daily and that’s what made her lovely. As I sit here trying to recapture the events of 2011 in Hatfield, Pretoria, I can’t help but, fight the feelings I have now almost 7 years later. Such feelings range from disbelief to relief coupled with the nervy twitch provided by karma herself; got me wondering where the Rhino in me would be if he hadn’t neglected the Ladybug.

I will try as much as I can to not make this about me and a dear friend of mine that I met 7 years ago. Some guys would ask me, so is she the one that got away? I would usually smirk to such direct randomness. But, for the readers, I can say that my relationship with the Ladybug is a bit too complex to box into that specific category. And besides, we do go way back, from movie theaters, MacDonald’s dates, bathroom stalls and RAG.

Unfortunately, what RAG is now is definitely not what it used to be in 2011.

RAG Float involved the university mens’ residence (frat) getting together with a ladies’ residence to decorate the back of a truck according to a theme. This is followed by the procession, where the public have the opportunity to appreciate the hard work.


The Rhino met the Ladybug during this particular period in 2011. I was pretty dense and immature then and the Rhino in me obviously had to screw things up. BUT, like I said, I won’t make this about us.

She talked to God daily and that’s what made her lovely. My friend is truly blessed and being able to continue to have some sort of relationship with her made me realize a few things. She is who she is, where she is in her life because of God. And when I look back at my misfortune and how in so many areas I screwed up, it was because I had no faith. I didn’t have God in my heart.

You could be reading this and not be a spiritual person and frankly, I really don’t care but, because I believe that God controls it all, I have faith that I can be or have whatever I want especially the one thing that everyone seeks; happiness. I’m happy now; not completely but, I am, I wasn’t before and my soul was deadthat is a story for another time! However, I am grateful that I can still call the Ladybug my friend. Someone I literally look up to now as she battles on to reach her successes. Her nerdiness oozes out of her personality it’s pretty infectious, in good way. I might get a lecture from her about that last phrase…I like her lectures.

What do you take out from this? Simple! Don’t take for granted the beautiful people we meet in this world. Does the Rhino have any regrets? Of course he does, back then, that dummy wouldn’t have been able to see the best thing in his life even if it had a sign on it saying, HEY, SHE’s THE ONE!

I’d sit here and keep going but unfortunately, the rest of this passionate story is barred from everyone else besides the two protagonists.


Hmmmm, [insert thinking emoji] the things we do in our youth… I love you!



Photo Credit: Brian Fraser

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