The wasteland of anticipation.

It brings me to deeper thoughts about my restless nation.

Filled with hunger, pain and relentless provocation.

What did we do to get this far?

And who did we pinch to get disbarred?

Quote on quote.

Diabolical bond notes left in my vault.

We, the sons and daughters of this beautiful soil.

We, left speechless as our futures be left to boil.

You, you take, you break, you care for nothing but, the cake.

Me, I speak, I preach, I know my voice will put you all on the stake.

If and when I die in this place,

Make sure to rip the smile off corruptions’ face.

These men and women.

These things we chose to be leaders of us men and women.

You lack the taste.

All you know is hate.

I can’t wait until you see the wrong in your expensive plate.

Imagine how this world would be

If you loved us for free.

This will always be home for me.


So you tyrants begone, before we decide to set ourselves free…to go get some lunch…I sip some tea.



Photo Credit: Bryan Minear

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