Craving for some Steak and Fries!

I realized a few days ago that when it comes to cooking or any other activity that requires me to work in the house, there is always a stumbling block that gets in the way of completing the task. That stumbling block is laziness. I won’t lie, I am lazy as fudge. Like sometimes I assume the position of what’s the rush and before you know it, half the weekend is done without getting much done.

Anyways, I enjoy the fall-back because when I crave, I crave hard. I crave so hard that I think about it daily until I get what I want and that’s the only time that laziness gets defeated; with a crave on my back. And after thinking about steak and fries this week together with my attention being drawn to a particular blog, it’s been set in stone; I shall have thy steak and fries before the end of this week!

I came across probably the best blog so far when it comes to food. Something straight out of your momma’s kitchen good. Damn Delicious truly looks, sounds and even makes your thoughts of it taste damn delicious. Visit the blog guys and if you big on food and cooking I advise you to get the Damn Delicious Cook Book

A big thanks to Chungah Rhee; a massive inspiration considering how it all began on tumblr and now the sky is the limit.


Exercise? I thought you said extra fries. I have mixed drinks about these feelings!



Photo Credit: Sheet Pan Steak and Fries

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