So last week I had a chill-night with this girl I met on Tinder. Yes, the dating slash shagging slash pitiful site for weird people who can’t seem to hold a stable relationship with anyone they meet. I won’t go too much into detail about this girl but, all I can say is that she was a nice girl, very ambitious and very attractive.

Fast-forward a few days after our first chill-night which she concluded was a date by the way. She raised up the issue of direction between the two of us now that we had met and her concern was that because we were not compatible then there wasn’t really any need for us to see each other anymore. Well, then, fine by me right? But, I just had to ask, how do you think she came to the conclusion that we were not compatible after three hours of chilling together? I really don’t know. It got me wondering if people actually still consider compatibility especially moments after meeting new people? And what I mean by compatibility is the way you converse between each other, the way you gel on a social level; well that’s how she saw it. Don’t get me wrong, compatibility is very important in any relationship, probably more important when you meet someone new.

So I got the explanation from her; apparently our communication wasn’t in sync. And I talk too much {I rolled my eyes cause I know I tend to be very reserved but, accommodating} about myself such that it literally blew any chance I would have had with her. She gave me an example of how one is compatible with their best-friend and we were totally the opposite. Are we really compatible with our friends? I could see the reasoning and I agreed with her to some extent but, what really got me thinking further was why this came up this soon, I didn’t even know her last name yet [Insert Hilarious Laugh].

This is what I think about compatibility:

Relationship compatibility exists, first and foremost, when a couple relates with equality and respect. It’s important for couples to have fun together and really enjoy the time they spend together. Relationships thrive when two people share companionship and activities

In other words you have to put yourself out there if you want to find someone who likes you and your personality. If you can’t put yourself out there then you’ll just end up being picky, then you’ll end up being 35 and wanting men who don’t talk at all [Insert Another Hilarious Laugh].

Unfortunately, I will continue this meet girls on Tinder thing {I’m sure my Tinderbility works way more than my compatibility} because I work too much to have any time to meet people the old-fashioned way. However, one thing I will not be doing is meeting women too soon after matching up and letting my guard down and expecting them to be impressed at how cultured I am and how I can relate to their life and issues. Chivalry is dead people, it’s either you seriously want to find someone to have a relationship with or you seriously just want to be alone forever!

I made a mistake and I almost regret wasting my time as well as this girl’s time. For me, compatibility kicks in after the first few meets and definitely not the first meet. And definitely not over WhatsApp but, that’s just my personal opinion and yes, maybe she was right, we were definitely not compatible…


or maybe she was bat-shit-crazy!



Photo Credit: Aleksandra Mazur

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