Being broke got me Woke

I don’t want to be at this level no more. Always wondering how life got your pockets breaking like they seem to be deep fried or where your destiny would take you when all you want is to grab it by the balls and tell it, “hey, you taking a short-left here fam”.

Something that I experienced over the weekend, an epiphany of some sorts; being broke, not only on a financial level but, also on a spiritual level. As I looked at my savings and thought that any sort of additional expense wound render me ‘broke as hell’. I realized that I had to work smarter rather than harder to avoid the craze of month-end party vibes. They usually come with bankruptcy if you don’t watch out.

I hate the wait now (payday). I find myself allocating money that I don’t have to the needs and wants that come with this so-called passionate life I chose to chase after. I kinda laugh sometimes as to why I decided to go for this personal blog slash music slash artist type of life; why couldn’t I just be a Social Media Coordinator till death do me part? Cause it ain’t enough fam! If you having bigger dreams of another life greater than where you are right now, then what you doing now ain’t enough. 

I always come to a point where the one thing that’s trying to ruin my fun is money? Money will open some doors but, not all of them; that I clearly see. But, this zeal is like the one I used to have as a teenager when all I could think of was satisfying my extremely hungry hormones AND my appetite for love. I put some blame on Lelo for that, how can you not go cray for such beauty? Anyways, I’m glad such feelings are now in the past. But, suddenly in my advanced youth-age, the hunger is back again, definitely not for women, this time for something that everyone wants; success and cheddar.

In all honesty, this life is hard especially for us obsessed and easily infatuated dreamers. But, I can safely say it’s something I’m extremely motivated to explore. And YES, I said explore because I’m crazy enough to want to explore the different levels of success rather than reach one level and stay maintaining; unfortunately I’m not about such mediocre, narrow thinking; there’s more to wealth…


Being broke got me woke.



Photo Credit: NeONBRAND

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