Flushing August Away

There were so many things I wanted to do in August. Realigning myself whenever the world continues to change is a challenge that cruelly blotted those many things. And now that these funny weathered remaining days of August are slowly coming to an end, I resentfully look back to what I conclude to be another month set for the flush.

There were so many things I wanted to do in August. One of them was to decide whether or not I would ink my body permanently for the first time. I hate needles. I love art though; something I’d truly consider doing however, I fear that my highly imaginative mind might decide to go for the most bewildering pieces of art. Don’t think having a big blot somewhere would ring the right bells, let alone the wrong ones. Unfortunately, this crappy South African economy got the best of my funds, which  turned out to be a comfortable escape route. I’m damn too scared to let a needle touch this skin.

There were so many things I wanted to do in August. One of them was going to go see this certain somebody I met on a certain app. Before you go and judge me, allow me to say that when you live your life on a nine to five basis for five days of the week, your social life is solemnly resting in peace. So yes, I met a certain beaut on a certain app. Then August decided to hit me with a curve ball like it usually does; despite being smitten by this delightful mistress, whom I will keep unnamed, I’ve been stopped in my tracks not once but, three times. So thanks a lot August; you need to decide whether you going to be hot, windy or cold; you can’t be a hybrid of all three with some occasional rain.

There were things I wanted to do in August. I have whined about failed female prospects; I love how that sounds, now I target friendships. I really wanted to see some of my friends this August; one of which was turning the ripe, demonic age of twenty-six. Unfortunately, he’s one of my close-friends whom I shall not name but, I will gladly say you’s a b***h for bailing on me. Only a certain amount of beer can render me to forgive you fam. Lucky for me, I did get to meet someone. An old friend from an old past and hopefully there’s a future with this friend. So this friend of mine took me to Dainfern Golf and Residential Estate. All I can say is that I had to pick up my jaw from the ground a number of times. That area is beautiful, FULL STOP.

There were things I wanted to do in August. I missed one Sunday of church, actually make that two. It kinda irked me cause I’m truly starting to fall in love with my church. It’s been a lot of baby steps but, I think I am ready to take the next step towards volunteering and turning my church attendance into something more active for others and not just myself. So that’s a challenge for the next following weeks; now I have to save up some R300 for transport. The flies that love the nothingness interior of my wallet is a concern.

There were things I wanted to do in August. My friend called gym was one of them and it pains to realize how I’ve cleared the expensive bulk of my goals and now the gym just sits there in my conscious like hey Nash, it’s my turn now! Therefore, it means I shall soon write about how I fainted after a few minutes of jogging. How I hate gym and how its such a drug but, it has to be done.

There were things I wanted to do in August. One of them was my preparation to slam dunk the end of this month to the deep bowels of Valhalla. How this month has proved to be a challenge; unprepared travel, bumped my perfectly shaped forehead, got broke in three hours, owed twice as much in three days and there’s still a truck load of  this months’ nonsense I haven’t spewed all over the place. I am truly glad it’s over and I can now focus on how to avoid missing next months goals.


‘Breathe the sweetness that hovers in August’… Sweetness? Pssshhh, that’s utter bullshit!



Photo Credit: Ian Dooley

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