Three ships led by one captain set sail to find the ends of the beginning of the world. A promise of redemption allured by the thoughts of a future filled with an abundance of wealth; the colony didn’t want to be poor anymore. And there stepped forth three ships to conquer the next four long years.

The journey would be painful. The joy would have mixed reactions. The tests would be unconquerable and only the required level of support would achieve the goals of day-to-day living; this new world was unforgiving. Planet vAR it was named; an ancient civilization that harboured thousands of different and like-minded beings in a small vicinity at specific times.

The plan was easy, follow the captain, decipher the codes, ambush the opposite sex, deplete the resources, recuperate, make alliances and grow our influence. But, such was easier said than done. In a foreign world we expected setbacks. Manoeuvring ourselves safely in the treacherous routes that locals called “the bluc” was priority number one. Returning a man short was unacceptable, being unprepared after late nights with the ‘others‘ was unacceptable and the inability to complete a daily goal was the worst of them. It really didn’t matter though; all of that was punishable by death; metaphorically speaking.

So there we where, brimming with confidence, ready to assume protocol six dash alpha; a highly sophisticated program made out of millions of quantum physics controlled nanobots run by an extrinsic algorithm. It sounded like a truly majestic and complicated plot. After careful consideration of all the set-out deliberations from our guardians, all we had to do was use the one element that made planet vAR a superpower; food.  I was the only one with their official currency for such a strategic mission therefore, I was tasked by the captain to lead the procedure. We pulled up to our target location and with four of us in unison we proceeded to complete one of our big daily goals.


We loved eating at MacDonald’s. It was the perfect break from vARsity and its tedious lectures. Walking towards the cashier, it dawned to me that we had become regulars as she referred to us by our names…it had only been a week in our new beloved varsity.




To the vAR…



Photo Credit: Justin Main



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