A day in Croc City

What a wonderful day it was at Croc City. This past Sunday the familia decided to spend the afternoon with a bit of nature. So it was decided that after church we would head for the Croc City Crocodile & Reptile Park in Fourways, Johannesburg.

I held a snake for the first time and a baby crocodile. Both were slimy and made my skin tingle. I didn’t really know what to expect. It was my first time trying out something like this and I felt excited and scared at the same time. But, I was more relaxed with a very experienced tour guide showing us how these reptiles live and how to approach them and hold them if need be. Obviously don’t go off and touch a Gaboon Viper!

It was truly mesmerizing to have this little baby croc in my arms and at the same time trying to figure out how that could turn into this 450kilo superpower.

I saw a Black Mamba for the first time; up-close and personal, a tarantula that was bigger than my fist (my fist is enormous) and I literally saw a chameleon changing colours; that was so beautiful to behold. It was a pity I couldn’t take pictures of the smaller reptiles for my own safety. But, one picture I did take was of the Iguanas.

Four troublesome Iguanas. They were ready to strike, look at them!

My favourite part of the day was the food. It had to be the food. Even though their menu is limited, it’s understandable because the food isn’t really their selling-point. And at least you’re allowed to bring your own food if you wanted. Either way, I got to eat a bit of crocodile. And no they didn’t slaughter one right in front of us! And don’t ask me where they got the croc meat from because I don’t know and I didn’t bother asking; bucket-list. All you have to know is that I ate croc and it doesn’t taste anything like fish or chicken. It just tastes like croc. Delicious if I may say so myself.

The Croc City Croc Burger with Fries.

So that was late lunch for me. I had the Croc Burger and it was a different taste that I really couldn’t pick out so I concluded in the end that croc taste just like croc. On the other hand, my brothers and nephews settled for pizza. And yes, I stole a few pieces. I love pizza!

Hawaiian Pizza? It didn’t have ham but, it did have chicken.

So that was that. A beautiful place to bring your family over the weekend and for the daredevils, you can also zip-line over the fully grown crocodiles. Its pretty safe and I would have tried it but, I still want to enjoy my life before a ‘Final Destination’ disaster decides to happen. I really recommend all the Johannesburg folk to visit this place. Entrance is only R80 and the food ranges from R40 to R120 and all in all that sounds like a doable budget to me.


Enter the Crocodile.


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