Let’s do the Roman

…see the sights, and then write a blog about it.” By Al Rome is a fantastic short-break idea for Europeans, and perhaps my favourite city in Europe (thus far). This article explores some of the reasons why I hold Rome in high regard, but also some of the less good things. Every silver lining has […]


It’s true; fortune does favour the bold. And it’s also true that fortune does favour this immaculate and beautiful Rome, Italy’s capital. A city known for its culture and architecture that has been a major influence for almost more than 3000 years. And not to mention that power and spectacle that was the Roman Empire and the Colosseum.

I think I posted something not long ago about going to Italy. And another truth of the matter is that, you can’t go to Italy and not visit Rome. I almost feel offended if you were on vacation in Italy and didn’t go to Rome. You need to cancel everything and make a u-turn, otherwise I may give you the thumbs down and we know the rest is history after that.

Shoutout to the Budget Budgie Travel blog. Another exciting and beautiful blog that I have come to enjoy during my perusal. So please visit the blog for more; the link is below, and if you want to enjoy some more sights then have a read on all the other destinations.


When in Romedo as the Romans do.



Photo Credit: Budget Budgie Travel

via “When in Rome… — Budget Budgie Travel


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    1. The thanks is all yours and yes I wouldn’t want to go to Italy if I wasn’t going to Rome. That’s like trying to go home and not knowing where home is!

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