It took me a long time to realize what love is. I had to go through the pain and sorrow of wear and tear just to get to the centre of its sphere. How can love turn so quickly into despair? So many things I have given answers to life. But, on the topic of love, I am as lost as sheep from Zion, without its master in the presence of a hungry lion. I jumbled these phrases in my head as I lay on my bed, starring at the darkness like in anticipation to hear its dreaded breathe.

These past few days got me feeling all sorts of pain in my body and soul. As I attempted to recover from influenza, my bed became the bearer of my weight for the past two days. I tend to get a fever whenever I catch a cold and it’s truly the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever told. On these past few days though, I found myself wondering off to the thoughts of my past. Thoughts of love and failed songs that I wrote for the past and it’s failed summer romance. Dare I say more; soon I would find myself in a trance.

I remembered my first love, so innocent it was yet too difficult to free my mind. Unable to cope with the lack of maturity, the outcome of this union would end like a failed heart surgery. Those were the high school days. And gone are those days and many more pieces of love I have made, only for me to be played and now I reminisce on the days I laid them all to waste.

What could it be that makes love this way? I tossed and turned on the second night; mucus taking flight. My chest consumed by this infectious plight. 26 years I am and still I seek for someone to share a speak. This is not just any trip that I seek, her boundless body shouts mountains of beauty all the way to its peak. For a moment my mind could not speak, so I paused the moment for my mouth to think. It’s so funny how love can be so sweet, she said to me. I looked over her and we shared the kiss…little did I know that she would split.


I woke up feeling like shit.



Photo Credit: Alexas Fotos.


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