In the Heat of Darkness

“It was dark. My vision impaired by those irritating strobe lights. All I could make out were grey body-like objects bobbing and weaving. My feet wobbled as I tried to make my way out of this grey mess. All I was getting from my mind was move but, all was not in a hurry. My ears were buzzing though, why was that I thought; It was dark.

The club was called Infinity. Pretty ironic, judging by the dark energy it perpetuated. The music was intense, fast-paced with those popular rhythmic thumps of nowadays. It made my ears flare up until they would almost combust, not that it bothered me; it was dark. My movements felt like I was walking on water; like as if anyone can ever explain that feeling. The inadvertent smell was almost convivial. But, with each step I took, it felt like I was walking through different timezones. My nose suffered; it was dark…”


Wrote this interesting piece on BayArt. Please go and have a look for the rest of the story. The link is down below. 

Full Story Link: In the Heat of Darkness

Photo Credit: Elijah Henderson


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