Fish Friday ~ Easy Dinners

GIVE     THAT     MAN     A     BELLS

Another extraordinary yet simple and delicious meal from Jack Collier. In the past, I’ve always favoured the red-meat side of food but, today I woke up thinking about fish. So this day officially belongs to Fish Friday. I have declared it!

I’m pretty sure the question by the end of the day is, can I cook? Well, you will soon see if I can wheel and deal in the kitchen. But, for now I’d rather focus on who I consider the experts of food blogging. Fish is in its own league. And there’s a wide variety of ways on how to prepare it; it will leave you lost for words right?

I read this particular blog about a few days ago and I tagged it down for this Friday, and how excited I’ve been for this day. My love for food goes beyond just blogging or just deciding what to cook on a daily basis. And I’ve had much appreciation for how to cook fish well and this blog nails it spot on.

So to all my food lovers, have a wonderful Fish Friday, please visit Jack’s blog for the full rundown and lets continue making special meals on special days for our special selves and our special loved ones!


The asparagus is strong with you…



Photo Credit: Jack Collier

Source: Food on Friday ~ Easy Dinners

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