She looked at me and said, ‘today is Thursday’. I tried to release a sigh of relief but, my thoughts soon reminded me how the weekend would pass by; I would once again be back at my desk on a Monday morning. I love women in power though. Nothing is more satisfying than having a strong, immovable and unshakable pillar for every day of your life.

So those were my thoughts early this morning. I wondered when God would deliver on His promises. Trying not to nag; it took me a few seconds to notice that His promises are already here. Even though I can’t feel them or see them, they are already in motion. How patient I have been through my daily routine. But, sometimes life makes you stop and think for a moment.

I wonder if people think this would be weird but, one of my goals this year was to meet and start a journey with a strong woman. Not your random dates or silly experimental relationships. I feel like I have outgrown my varsity tendencies and now I’m more attracted to the future than the present. So me being me, I prayed about it and in a way I feel like my prayers were answered. The path has been set and now I have to execute the rest. One of my biggest fears is reaching the end of my time without finding my partner. I guess its better to start now than later.

One thing I’ve learnt from the past is that when you seek something you dearly want, it won’t just appear on your lap from nowhere. Effort is needed. Your patience will be tested. Your resilience will be put on the plate for all to see and when it comes to matters of the heart, you are in the most vulnerable position ever.

So never ask for for something you are not ready to commit to. I am at my stage and it is truly an interesting challenge. You are at your stage so don’t rush things; seek guidance. All you have to do is ask. When you want great things, you also have to step yourself up to match the presence of greatness.


Whenever I feel like giving up, my conscious always tells me about the promise, ‘its Thursday today’. How cunning her voice is.



Photo Credit: Quentin Keller

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