I never knew that I could know as much as I know her now.
Weeks have passed and I am yet to make an official vow.
It was luck of the tinder that brought us together.
What I saw in her is a mystery filled with pleasure.
Her voice is like angels,
A sound I cannot handle.
Her hair is black!
So fierce you might think it was a trap.
What hinders me the most,
are those eyes that smile with a boast.
Beautiful is that African skin,
so dark and eloquent yet fare and thin.
Never have I been struck in the eye
by such beauty that now resides on all corners of my mind.
Weeks have solemnly passed.
My heart is solemnly trashed.
But oh what joy it is for the day we meet through such and such.
Pleased I will be, yet I can’t wait for our touch.
I hope that moment will forever always last!


Photo Credit: Autumn Goodman.


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