Need A Witness For Your Fitness?


So this past weekend was a new low. Besides going to church I didn’t do much. In fact, I did little to nothing besides eat, chat and play videogames. Unfortunately, that sounds like some unhealthy living to me so I woke up today trying to redeem my already shameful conscious.

I came across a piece on the Millionaire’s Digest blog about working out. It was pretty interesting especially with how I struggle with exercise. I tend to substitute jogging with playing basketball or soccer. This could work for me very well but, only if I did it consistently. The problem with substituting exercise with sport is that you get bored especially if you doing it alone.

Sport is competitive and the more you grind it out with friends the more your exercise can be fun. Anyways that’s just my opinion on exercise. Your diet is a whole different ball game! However, my interest to this particular article was on how it briefly covered the ways on how to make exercise more convenient while involving other people? Please have a read; it will help you!



Photo Credit: Millionaire’s Digest

Need A Witness For Your Fitness? (2 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest


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