Your Ultimate Guide to Anawangin Cove — Chasing Wanderlust


Longing for an adventure this summer? Let me take you to one of the famous destinations of our country. It is located in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales. (drum rolls please…) Anawangin Cove!!! If you want an alternative to the usual beach getaway, here’s the perfect solution for you. Not only you get to experience outdoor activities, […]

S      A      M      B      A      L      I

My magical travels through WordPress blogs took me to a place that probably gave me one of the weirdest epiphanies I have ever had. Culture in Africa is a layer upon layer type of structure; multi-faceted and rich, where in some places you find the word ancestor being used quite a lot. Well I don’t want to make this destiny a culture thing but, one thing I can say is that; be proud if you are from Zambales!

Okay, so I had to do some research about this place located in the Philippines. On the western shores of Luzon island sits the province of Zambales. And I tell you now, what a province this is. My conclusion is that out of all the islands in that area; Zamabales probably has the most beautiful views and one place you need to visit in that area is Anawangin Cove.


Anawangin Cove, also known as ‘the little tent city’, drenched with beautiful green pine trees and miles of white sand; a good reason to bum around in the sun. A few hours from Manila; Anawangin gives you every reason to want to runaway from city life. I am truly happy that I came across this place. I am glad to say that this gem is going straight into my Bucket List.

Big shoutout to the beautiful Eloisabunny; what luck you have to travel to these paradise-like lands, and experiencing such rich culture. I envy you. One thing I love about her blog is that she tells you the how and why to go to these places AND how much it will cost you; 3 for 1 right? Thanks a lot Eloisabunny!

Please feel free to visit the blog guys, enjoy and don’t forget to hit that like button. 



Photo Credit: Eloisabunny

via Your Ultimate Guide to Anawangin Cove — Chasing Wanderlust

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