Goan Beef Roast Recipe – Assado de Carne

You know during the weekends or whenever there’s a big game playing, there’s always that two hour rush of energy before kickoff as you attempt to cross out the the snack food items on your list. These pre-kickoff activities are different to your standard grab some popcorn for a movie. And besides, I cannot stand popcorn during a sporting event. I need some flavour in my mouth.

What we have here today is a delicious specimen. Call it what you want, a burger or a sandwich but, one thing you will definitely get is a taste of true Goan Beef culture. This is what I need to sink my teeth into and not worry about messing my face cause my eyes are literally glued to the television screen. Some kettle fried potato crisps here and there, a few friends and some Heineken beers and that smells like a great final.

If I am not mistaken, Assado de Carne is flank or flap steak sliced into pieces and grilled with a certain amount of searing to give it a bit of that charring look. How this particular feast is made is something you will have to go to the blog and see. Thanks to Nandini once again for all her posts and cooking tips. I truly love the food; I have a date this weekend with the Goan Beef Roast Recipe so please like the blog and enjoy the delicacy.



Photo Credit: Nandini

Source: Goan Beef Roast Recipe – Assado de Carne

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