The Bucket List

So it was my birthday not so long ago; literally five days ago. Got lots of cake, got treated to a half-priced PlayStation 4 Pro with a few games, went out with my buddies for the first time since last year and got some great family company as well, and then July decides to roll in…

Anyways, I have decided to start challenging myself a bit more in my life; you do only live once and I intend to do it by serving Christ and enjoying the extra sauce. The weather has been terrible though. Winter out here really hits you sometimes but, I’m trying very hard to be optimistic and happy. Come on blessers, bring-forth some sunshine!

Anyways I have decided to publish some short-term monthly goals in an attempt to live my life in a more positive and healthy way; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So I shall call it the Bucket List and with the power vested in me, this will be an experience to remember. Here’s to a warm but, wintery July. I should have started this ages ago…mxm

July The Roller

  • Obey the procedure: Behavioural scientists have stated that success is bound to your schedule. People and businesses who prepare well in advance are more likely to reap more rewards. Lucky for me I have a work schedule but, by me just saying that, it kinda feels like that ain’t enough. Of course you wouldn’t want to bind your life to a routine. BUT, planning is necessary nonetheless. So this is what I will do: try follow my schedule as efficiently as I can and at the same time, to bind the rest of my goals into a healthy and fun procedure for the month. Will see about that…
  • Don’t splurge the stash: Unnecessary spending so to speak. Especially this month with my pet-Ps4, I need to hold myself down until payday and hope Fifa 17 can accommodate my hunger for gaming.
  • Just do it: This basically means I need to step out of the box and do something that scares me. Unfortunately, most of those things cost money and that is a conflict with splurging. At least exercise is something I’m scared of.
  • Humour your inner-nature: This will be interesting! It’s like 5 degrees every morning; maybe a lunch break outside will suffice…maybe.
  • Get your four-eyes working: Growing up I was really exposed to a lot of books which improved my literacy and brain-power dramatically. And then after high school it kinda faded. This includes the Bible as well; something I need to spiritually ask Christ to help with. Now I read a lot of news and blogs but, a good book broadens your literary knowledge and besides, it kinda sounds smart; I read books.
  • Flex the muscles: Yes, we all dread this! Exercise is good for the body and helps us lose that excess holiday fat. This is something I extremely need. Might need some help so hopefully some readers can give me some tips on low intensive but, high calorie burning activities to do. Preferably four times a week right?
  • Stay away from Mr-Takeaway: This goes hand-in-hand with exercise. We all get lazy sometimes and what goes best with laziness; TAKEAWAY! Takeaway is the number one reason I gained weight recently and I will try boycott this fatty delicacy. I just heard my conscious literally laughing at me…story of my life!
  • Udemize: Udemy is really something you have to try. I usually don’t get enough time to do some courses because of work but, I need to brush up on a lot of skills including my writing and design.


Well then, this is a monthful! Damn I hate it when the bar is so high, that means I have to push higher again each time. Each freaking time!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13



Thanks a lot for reading guys. Please don’t forget to visit Who Art Thou to learn a little bit more about me and if you want to talk just fill in the Connect form under the Connect tab.


Photo Credit: Andrew Branch

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